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Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Candy of My Eye

The misleading title has nothing to do with my entry today. It's just going to be another blah blah blah entry of me rambling on and on about how I feel and what I ate today.

Before I start the health talk, here are some of the things that happened today. I ran many errands and felt so productive. I finally settled all my car theft claim and it shall come in 2 weeks. I hope daddy is pleased, as he was pestering me forever for the check. Finally, I can breathe easy again *inhales deep deep*.

Today I was enlightened by an act of kindness shown by two people who hardly know me. As I was finalizing the forms near the insurance building, I realized that I was missing my dad's IC document. I don't want to drive all the way back to get it so I had to ask the favor of Mr Y who works with the company to make me a copy.

He was the one who approved my claim (thank you!) and was kind enough to meet me at the lobby and provide the missing documents. I handed him a Thank You note and he was very much surprised to receive it. I guess people don't do that much here, but I am going to keep this habit (?).

BTW be careful of insurance adjusters! I shall write more about this after I receive the payment.

Another one was when Ms R helped me verify the documents although I did not bring the originals. I was so glad that there was no hiccups and the forms were finally submitted. :D

Anyway some health talk. Skip if you're bored.

I woke up so groggy because I had only 4 hours of sleep. I was functioning OK and although I am very pooped out now, I can't believe I survived this long. I was running errands all day: sent the rug to the laundry, car tire check, grocery shopping, bill payment, and even squeezed in a meal with dear Janna [mille crepe ("a thousand pancake") cake is my new obsession. No pictures, sorry].

As usual I had Aloe (taste real bad in the morning), the Tea mix and a new recipe Strawberry Shake:

2/3cup strawberry milk
4 small strawberries
2 cutlets banana
2 cutlets papaya
1cutlet pineapple
+ the usual Vanilla formula

The shake was photoge(n/d)i (c/k). Must put pictures. Must camwhore.



photogedik (tau takpe. Translation: you know, it's OK)

BTW I found the scale for total wellness check. It tells you your weight, the fat percentage, Basal Metabolic Rate Calorie needed, h20 percentage, bone mass, muscle mass and I really want one! It is so useful to track your weight loss so that you don't lose just muscle and water, but mosy importantly fat. Gosh I sound like a health nut! I am so not one. Alot of people experience the yoyo effect if they restrict food intake or have weird meal timing. They lose a couple of pounds and gain them back in a week. I have committed the sin too but I am determined to lose weight healthily this time. I want to be slim in time for, who knows.... dot dot dot. Teehee *Slaps self* Daydreaming is fun, eh?

Anyway, the original price of this magical scale was RM 386 and now it is on sale at RM 192! Is this a good investment? I also want to check my daddy's visceral fat status! I want it!!!!! But I would have to wait until the moolah comes in mid Dec. *cries*

GOSH, this blog is distracting me so much. It may be a good thing since someone is away. Well, thank you Google for the blogotherapy!

Footnote: Physiological observation: Sweaty armpits (sakit ketiak), profusely wet scalp, thirst,flatulence (:P What? Don't judge)


OneDropH20 said...

I think you write more than you talk :)

ferrarossa said...

Is that Sarcasm? HAHAHHAHAHA

ShazreeyanaShukri said...

thanks for updating adik! u write more than i do..haha! i dont have a DSLR with me tutorials for the time this "H" thing sounds great! i wish i have the moolah to buy them.. but for now, i'm gonna stick to my low carb more protein more heavy dinners for me..bye2 Tony Romas..hahaha..

syakila mothar said...

Ferrarossa ke ferracarey kepala ikan?!Heheh kidding!! Lop you yang!! Wey, I pun dah start makan "HerbaWhat?" ni balik. Besttttt!!

ferrarossa said...

Sharky: Curry kepala ikan ke? Ade org panggil i meriah gulai huhuuu *pasrah*.. U makan jugak ke?? Ya kali ni I nak stick to it sbb tgh compete with a partner. Anyway u nak lose ke gain weight? Try my recipe! Share yours!

syakila mothar said...

Gain t*t*k buleh dak? Hahahha u know me kan. Kuquih kedink tang t*t*k. Wakakak. I makan dutch chocolate. Takyah boh buah pun sodap *padahal malas* Hahahahaha. Good luck yang!

ferrarossa said...

Wahaha nk gain t**** kene nanye org makjun la plak chark nomey ni!ahahha pah tau kot.. cekelat mmgla paling sedap :DD

Jannah said...

Checking your blog see... *surprise* *surprise* a continuation on loosing weight convo we had yesterday. You totally bring back my obsession with losing weight which is good coz I've been gaining back the pounds I've lost.

A tip I've learned previously is go for low calorie and low carb fruits like berries and melons.

I like to add celery to my smoothies/shake but a lot of people don't like it though.

Will check your blog regularly ;P MUAHKS

ferrarossa said...

haha Jannah, I know, right? I guess I can take credit after you lose some pounds, kan? Teehee.

You look fine to me and I am doing this mostly for health purposes. I love berries, though they cost more than other fruits here and I don't really fancy melon much except in juices.

Celery is an interesting addition to a shake! I will give it a try though I can't promise I will love it yet. Thanks for sharing and caring. XO

eva_evo said...

hye sis..sha penah minum shake HL sgt sedap! skg dh stop coz xde budget..alahai pity me..>,<" igt nk amek balik..hehe

ferrarossa said...

sha, akak ade byk stock 43% discount..nak ke?? sedap kan bila letak buah2. akak pun amik now for bfast.. it is mahal dear tapi after discount quite ok. lemme knw if u nak ye..

btw berkesan x for u dear?

eva_evo said...

yeke kak??hehe..fez try 2 nmpk jgk la turun..ramai yg bila dh stop..naek balek..ekekek..

syg sgt coz dh 3botol sha minum..mkna nya dh 3 bulan..humm...vanilla,cappucino n chocolate..sedap!

ferrarossa said...

lama jugak tu 3 bulan sha... anyway xpe nanti sha ready bolehla try balik.. akak paling suka chocolate n letak pisang..sedap :DDD

eva_evo said...

oke..^_^ i will n i must!hehe..mmg sha nk try balik..nt sha contact akak?hm meh nk add FB?..tgl kn msg kt shoutbox sha leh??
tQ ^_^