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Monday, November 29, 2010

The blog is born!

Dear earthlings,

Viola! A baby was born today and named "sugar, spice and what not" because this blog is exactly that: a mixture of everything sweet, spicy, bitter, salty and umami (a new taste we did not learn in Biology. Were you aware?) memories that happened in my life. I want to keep a diary of my new diet-wait, scratch the D word-It is a lifestyle change so I can look back and see how it was and keep track of my progress. Also it is for recording anecdotes in my life so that I can wonder and say, "oh I forgot that happened" or "I am glad I wrote that down so I can reminisce the fond memories or remind myself of an unpleasant encounter that may just seem ridiculously funny after some time". Ok stop rambling dear self.

Basically it's gonna be a boring blog of my own schtuff so just press the "next blog" link on the top row if you're looking for something entertaining.


p/s: while looking for some (ir?)relevant photos, I stumbled upon a hilarious image totally NSFW (translation: don't access when your boss/parents/religious leader/people with uptight humor are around. KIDS BELOW 18 DO NOT ACCESS).

Link: Birth and Life of Male Homo sapiens

1 comment:

ShazreeyanaShukri said...

Adik!! i am so proud of u! thanks for making this blog..i am sure its gonna inspire many people out there..i am ur 1st follower!yiippieee!!
<3 u