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Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Birthday Celebration, Sephora Loots, Sexy Smokey Eyes for a Girls' Night Out

Hi beautinistas!

Forgive me for the lack of update. I just got a laptop and I had no camera to take pictures and I have been having the joyride of my life with my career, makeup parlour,  friends and family so this blog was somewhat neglected. My bad. No worries now I am back with lotsa things to share.

My wonderful loved ones organized a wonderful and romantic birthday surprise for me. This is by far the most memorable celebration I had, so thank you thoughtful ones: you know who you are. <3

The location: Bora Asmara. Splendid ambience. 

Although the layout was Bali style, the food was Thai. We had scrumptious TomYam, butter prawn and chicken in soy sauce. Yums

The peeps: Thank you each and everyone of you: Apit, Kakak, Abang, Am, Idah, HL, Syud (in spirit), Joe (in spirit)

After dinner, we had an entertaining karaoke session and the evening was filled with laughter until my jaw hurts. I got some Duit Raya (money) from the Burgs as they figured I'll find something I like and here's what I got: a matress protector, memory pillow, a bag and a wallet. Things that I need and will use! Not to mention I am in love with that brown bag. I've been looking for a brown bag that's big enough for work and looks casual enough for a day out. This one is perfect!

 My birthday present: matress protector, memory pillow, a bag and a wallet

Top: brown bag inspirations

Spotted. Both are from Charles and Keith.

Here's a closeup. I realized that white may not be the most lasting color. This one will get a lot of abuse. I find the wristlet so handy when I have my hands full with keys and phone. 

The compartment is great for all my junk cards. Coin compartments are a must. It has two: outside and inside.

Thanks Charles and Keith designers for coming up with this one.

Another special birthday gift: A new PINK Lumix! It has Leica lense which will give the true color of the objects. This is especially important when I take pics of lipstick colors and pigments. It has superb white balance and I don't have to worry about my coral lipstick turning pink in photos. The Intelligent mode saves lotsa time and very minimal editing needed in Picasa.

Loots: A Headband from The Curve Streetmarket (RM 10) and Forever 21 necklace (RM 25)

Sephora finally made it in Malaysia. Hallelujah. Bout time, man! Loots below

A foot scrub (RM 59) reccomended by Tia. This scrub leaves a moisturized feel after (no need lotion!) and gets the gunk and dry kneecaps off. The smell is awesome and gotta love the attitude on packaging. On right is Sephora Smoothing Primer (RM 49). A cheaper alternative than Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. Does the job for smoothing out uneven texture on your skin. Great pair with MAC foundation.

 Got this electric blue eyeliner from Sasa (RM 69). Will spot the look soon

The Brush is of quality: not flimsy and tapered end for precise cat eye lining

Isn't the color so pretty! Must have!

During Raya I forgot my red lips so I bought these from Elianto: Top is Matte Berry and bottom is Scarlet. Price is not more than RM30 each. Sorry I didn't keep the receipt. For a reasonably priced lipstick, these two deliver long-lasting (3 hours) wear and reasonable pigment quality. Good for backup.

Here's a photo of me using Scarlet Lipstick from Elianto
Cat eye look and red lips for my Leopard Print Baju Kurung

Last night me and my girlies were out painting the town red so here's the look I went for

The sexy smokey eye WITHOUT bottom lid liner. Isn't it so unique? I usually go crazy with the eyeliner but I decided to try this look.
Whaddaya think?

Excuse our vanity

My girl Nawa can make me laugh so hard with her blur moments

We play> we work

With flash

Test shot

Close up

With Flash

No flash

With my other angel, Atie

I hope the look doesn't scare you all. I rarely spot heavy eye makeup on so I figured that night was a perfect excuse for a Dark Sexy Smokey eye - without bottom liner! 

I hope you enjoy this update. What's look are you digging these days? Tell me!