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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ice wrapped in a Towel weaved by Cachinnation

Sejuk gedi: 2007

I vow to make my blog as cheerful and inspirational as much as possible, but inevitably every now and then I'd get Life's wake up call at the most unexpected times! Overwhelmed with joyous emotions and new-found love, I forgot that I am still on this roller coaster ride.

It has been looping upwards in happy and giggly circles, I totally forgot about the roll of doom downwards. I guess this is where the "what not" part comes in. It's not all sweet and exciting : not just sugar and spice. Cheer up! Lighten up, self! You'll get back on the merry ellipse and it shall be cupcakes and lollies again.

BTW thanks for the reminder, Life. Prayers always.

p/s: Anyways, as I was looking for a picture of me with a lollipop ( I know I took one a looooong time ago but alas, found a semi-relevant pic of me with a sugarcane. Any sort of candy shall do), I stumbled upon an abandoned dusty old blog of mine created in 2006. I can't help but wonder if this blog will end up in the same fashion as the R.I.P blog. I forgot that I lived such a carefree and simple student life filled with home-made economic meals, budget purchases and wonderful companions!

May I never forget who I was, NOT Larger than Life, Just a Girl Next Door. Stay the same, self. Get back on earth.

Cheers everyone.

You may skip the part below.

Health Note:

Today I consumed 2 shakes back-to-back because I am planning to consume a normal meal at dinner ( Laksa Penang, wait for me!) as I have promised a friend for a rendezvous(?) tonight. I feel great though I have to complain about the everlasting thirst that manifested recently. 4litres of H2o per day isn't enough to quench my thirst! The frequent loo visit is getting to me now. What's up with my body? My theory is that it may be related to my blood pH? My coach told me that there is a condition called acidosis which may cause my lingering lethargy. This may be true, but I need a blood test to confirm such a claim.

By the way, I did 3 laps of jog around the park yesterday (thank you Rain Man for hearing my prayers) and I planned to jog again today, however it seems like Mother Nature is clenching to the watering can today *break out into a rain dance. Waka waka* Sweating feels good and I was surprised that my stamina wasn't as brittle as I expected. Oh well, a day in with a hot Milo doesn't sound so bad after all.

Note to self: Never forget my favorite Vanilla Shake recipe: 200ml water, 1tbs dried cranberries, 2 cuts of banana, 2 cuts of papaya, 1 cut of pineapple, 1/2 cap full of vanilla essence.


UPDATE: In the end I managed to squeeze in 4 laps of exercise walking with my beloved housemate. It was a walktherapy and sweating feels healthy, though I had to wash my hair again!


OneDropH20 said...

thanks for coming all the way for dinner today!

go on jogging...everyday!

ferrarossa said...

Hey Dr H2o, I never had a more thought-provoking dinner and you truly triggered new and convoluted questions! Thanks for making my life complicated and thanks for your time tau and let's do it again soon!

ShazreeyanaShukri said...

wow adik! i went jogging! mcm mimpi ja niiii...but hey!i am so proud of u..abg kata nk beli running shoes baru kat akak since mine was stolen..T_T nanti nak pi jogging jugak..cpt sikit kurus..ok aku nak tergelak baca livejournal hg n cud..haha nk bukak yg aku nya tp x sanggup..wakkakaka..keep up d good work u!