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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

2011 Wishlist

Crabtree and Evelyn Rose Set
Pretty by Elizabeth Arden

Malay cookbook certified by Cikgu Fatimah
Another round of teeth whitening by Dr Ridzam. Small picture sudehh.

"  They are four kinds of dating chemistries: Physical chemistry generates desire; Emotional chemistry generats affection; Mental chemistry creates interest; Spiritual chemistry creates love. A soul mate includes all four" 

"A soulmate is someone who has the unique quality to bring out the best in us. Soulmates are not perfect, but perfect for us."
-John Gray-

Monday, December 27, 2010

Things I Learn Everyday: Every Negative Experience Will Attract A Positive One

Sometimes I write for you, sometimes I write for myself. Well, I guess this one has to be for me.

Lately there have been many turbulences in my life. A couple of testing and trying moments came by one after the other and I couldn't help but question the purpose of going through these trials. Little did I know, life has bigger plans for me. With every downturn, comes the cliche "light at the end of the tunnel". After each misfortune, a jewel of opportunity presents itself. Next time, before I start to lose hope and start complaining of how sucky life is, I will give myself a reality slap to remind me that this is just a small price to pay for a bigger reward.

Someone close to me shared this theory: 

"Every Negative Event Will Attract Positive One(s). "- Anonymous

These are a list of things that happened to prove that.

1) The Ill Drama
The Negative: Since my return to this beautiful homeland, I've been suffering from allergies, post-nasal drip, insomnia, GI and tonsil problems. I was living on a poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle. The stress and medication were no help to me.

The Positive: After getting tired of being tired and  falling ill, I took an interest in my own health. It triggered a series of change in my lifestyle and diet. I keep the stress at a minimum and now I feel healthier and am able to be more proactive. I find that I am more passionate about life and I enjoy cooking again, which may be a legit parameter of my happiness. The more I cook, the happier I am. And vice versa. 

Above: Enjoying life to the Max!!! Haha I'm too lazy to find a fitting image so this one shall suffice to prove that I am enjoying every tidbits of life again. 

2) The Love Drama
The Negative: I have qualms about sharing this, but I must remember that this happened. After a big outburst of two people who misunderstood and lack respect for each other, we went through a lot of  pain, heartache, doubts and uncertainty.  

The Positive: We learned a thing or two about what it takes for a relationship to work and realized we needed to slow down. I learned to not wear my heart on my sleeve,to  reserve my excitement for future, not to over-analyze and idealize people and to not keep all my eggs in one basket. I hope he learned to be more sensitive and attune to the needs of  others, carefully string his words before he speaks and reserve his judgement if he lacks the information. We both learned a great deal about each other and we grow from this experience, as hurtful as it may be.

Above: My absolute favorite :delicate hydrangeas, aromatic stargazer lilies and romantic red roses. As cheesy as it is, flowers do make an effective sorry gift. I can say it softens me up by hmmmm....ALOT. I wish that I can get them during happy moments too.

3) The Neighbor Drama
Before I start, it is necessary to put up these pictures for your better understanding

Above: I have a very territorial neighbor who likes to put potted-plants relatively far from the curb to prevent others to park in this parking-scarce neighborhood. They used to have FOUR pots on the road but somehow it was reduced to only one pot. I guess that's an improvement.
Above: For aesthetic purpose, this out-of place potted plant was placed between my house (right) and their house to mark the division of our property and also to prevent any parked car to invade their precious compound, regardless of their HUGE ASS GATE ,big enough to fit a trash pickup.

Above: You see the gate that can fit this one or two persons? Note that it can't fit a car. No one is allowed to block this holy gate to heavens. Apparently, when the gate is blocked, the poor soul who needs to transition lacks the ability to walk around the blockage and onto the grassy area to make it through the sacred door. 

To make this story longer than necessary, I parked my car where this car is one night as I was concerned of my safety. The neighborhood gets freakishly dark and  has poor lighting at night. Though I am aware of their territorial attitude, I thought they would have enough discretion to let a scared and weak single woman who may be in danger to park in front of the holy sacred gate. But no.....

Above: The deathly reminder I received on my car the morning after I blocked the gate of Nirvana. I felt a little threatened by the choice of color and the fact that the writing covers the whole paper. A little note would do, really. 

Anyway it is pointless to go on and on about this. I know law enforcement may have their hands too full to do anything about this and I think I will be the bigger person and not let petty people get to me. 

The Negative: An embarrassing confrontation gone down ala Jerry Springer. Believe me it's so ghetto I can't even start to explain how low these people behaved. Yelling and screaming and intruding personal space with threatening body gestures. Gosh, I am not proud of myself either for breaking into tears and saying hurtful things but this ugly event needed to happen.

The Positive: Seeing how horrific things were, my father who was at the scene is now scared for my life. Haha. I think he may be too protective of me and now we're going to buy a house together! (Any property advice?Anyone?) It is such a big deal for me! Now I don't hate my neighbor anymore. Next time I see her I will kiss her stinky toe and thank her for getting me a new crib! Thanks territorial neighbor!

Now, suck that! Ha!

4) The Drama Mama 

Well this last one is a little too personal for me to share, but ah well I shall do it anyway.
The Negative: The loss of a mother who I dearly need, love and miss everyday.

The Positive: The strength that I get from the fact that she is in me, half of me is made of her and her spirit that goes on even when she is not physically present. She became my conscience and guidance, as I always think of what she'd do or feel whenever I am in a dilemma. I became more independent, nurturing and selfless, just like her. My love for her deepens and I never let self-pity take over my life. Her positivity carries on in me and the lives she left behind (Akak and Apit).

Above: "There are ups and downs but I believe in being always optimistic. It's pointless to live a life of fear and regrets"- 
Mama after her cancer diagnosis written in her last journal.

Natasha's Makeover: Day to Night Natural Makeup Sweet Date Winter Rose Look

Ola Mi' Amor!

Well the long-awaited makeover of my princess Natasha is ready for your viewing pleasure. Sorry for the long overdue. A lot has been going on in my life lately, cheers to an eventful life! Anyway here's the visuals:

Above: The main features of this look are Winter Rose Eyeshadow from Red Earth (RM34) and Faux Lipstick (RM 65) from M.A.C. I am surprised that this lip color looks gorgeous in many skin tone. It's the color most people can pull off. It is more long-lasting compared to Stage or Revlon lipstick.

Above: before pictures. I am blessed to have so many pretty friends. Making them up is a piece of cake!
Above: Now this cupcake is my favorite.
Above: Ta-da! Oh so natural and muka buat bakal menantu (the face is as sweet as one's wish for one's future daughter-in-law <-- weird translation!).

Above: Shashoe checking herself out. She approves!

Above: Excuse my camera, peeps. The winter rose is a little washed out but in real life it is more "pigmentatious". 
Above: Without flash

Now say you want to jazz this look up and turn it into an evening look without going over the top, simply add darker tones of eyeshadow, in this case is deep dark brown at the crease of the eye.
Above: Can you tell the difference?
Above: Viola! A more dramatic look for a twist. Just a touch of darker colors can add interest around your eyes. 

Above: Needless to say, Natasha doesn't need makeup's help to direct the attention to her googlies as she already she has such BIG eyes! 

Above: More pictures

Above: Yours truly with my New Zealand model.

 Above: My next sharing is this cat-eye look using comfortable fake lashes. 

Let me know what you think. Love.

Family's Scrambled Eggs and My New "Fishy" Partner

Hello lovelies! It has been a while, eh? Well I am happy to say that the chef in me has made a comeback and I've been spending more time in the kitchen. I just love cooking for others, especially my brother who is such a pleasant eater. Just watching him eat gives me lots of satisfaction.

I have been a foodie since the beginning of time and I wish I had taken a course in culinary arts. My favorite TV series are Top Chef, Giada at Home, Nigella Bites- to name a few. I just love hosting parties and get-together, which I haven't been doing since I moved to KL. I used to do so a lot more during college days. Haha. I was pretty domestic back then. I just need a proper kitchen with a nice big oven and prep space for baking needs and proper tools, which I lack in my current house. Oh, and a dishwasher would be nice too, please.

Either way I shall stop rambling and put some pictures up for interest purposes.

Above: Breakfast made with love for my daddy and bro. Scrambled eggs topped with mozarella, caramelized onion, mushroom and sausage with Fruit salad, vanilla yogurt and muesli. I think you can tell that I LOVE EGGS.

Above: Such a cute egg song! It will get stuck in your head. Haha

Above: My new buddy, I have yet to name him/her. How the hell can you tell the sex of a fish? Anyway I wonder how long this poor thing will stay alive. I will try my best to be a responsible owner of a colorful fighter fish.

Toodles. Next post is makeup-and-beauty-related. I promise. MUACKS

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bangs Bangs Bangs: Just some Pictures of Natasha's Bday and Miss Vainpot Natural Makeup

Hey Peeps,

It's 2am and I am not currently on my personal laptop so I can't do Natasha's Natural Date Makeup look just yet. Plus, just had a stomach flu and also outstation. Here's some pictures to keep you and me going.

Happy Birthday Shashoe

Nowadays I really tone down on the eyeshadows and foundation. Natural is the new black. *gg senget*

Til next post~

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Recent Acquisition and other Jumble Mumble Ramble

Hello tweeties!

Isn't the weather so nice and cool this week? The only bummer is that I haven't been going to jog at all but no worries I have good company this week who's been so sweet to keep me active with lots of yakking, laughing and some retail therapy. Haha I am hereby guilty of spending :P

Above: Me and Lovely Shashoe being crazy in the car. Isn't she a beauty? She's a halfie Punjab-Malay and we've been close friends since secondary school. 

What went in

Above: Breakfast home-made especially for Shashoe :P

Above: Our last lunch at Bumbu Desa at The Curve courtesy of my guest. Thanks love!

The Loots

Above: Winter Rose eyeshadow from Red Earth and Sha's Faux Lipstick from M.A.C. She's also in love with the lippy color. I am surprised that this color can look good on a wide range of skin tone: from yellowish tan to  olive tan.
Above: The next makeover is going to be Natasha's date look using the above makeup. She has been my protege since school.

Above: All our loots from SASA and Elo @ Subang Parade. Anyway Sasa is having a promo on VE mascara for RM19.90. I got it for RM28. No fair! Go get it soon if you want one.

Above: From the Saturday Market at the Curve. I think it is a great place to find inexpensive accessories below RM50. The rings are only RM10! Talking about rings.....

Above: *For future references*
Isn't this ring gorgeous yet simple? It's perfect for an engagement and the price was pretty reasonable. 

Current Inspiration

Above: Angelina Jolie is my inspiration for the coming Hollywood Glam Dinner in January.

Above: I'd like to achieve her cateye look for the coming ball. I found just a perfect and inexpensive way to do so by cutting the falsies to cover just the outer part of the lashline.

Above: I don't like fake lashes because it makes my eyes so uncomfortable, but I came up with the idea of cutting this pair into two so that I can achieve Jolie's cateye. Does it work? I'll let you know how it goes in future. Stay tune for pictures.

Last but not least, a trail of photomemories for my reminiscing purposes.

*excuse my puffy eyes*

Till next post. Muacks.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dr Syuhada's Engagement: Shimmery Lilac and Taupe Natural Bridal Look

Hello lovelies!

Sorry for the pause from the once-prolific yours truly :P. Last weekend was laced with lots of engagement and weddings! There's so much love going around and I am so happy for my friends. Congrats Cudidi and DN on their recent engagements to the men of their dreams.

Anyway, moi and Kakak (click HERE for her blog) were given the honor to beautify the already gorgeous Dr Syud on her engagement in Kedah. My sister was in charge of the coverage, blusher and shading while I was in charge of the eyes. Click HERE to check out what we used.

Thankfully the tunang orang was satisfied with our joined masterpiece and she was glowing with happiness! We enjoyed the occasion tremendously too. Shall the pics do the talking, ya?
Before the makeup. Syud has very nice skin and features
 which made our job that much more enjoyable.

After the foundation and primer done
by Kakak for good coverage.
I chose Taupe and Purple for Syud's eyes.
The color was inspired by her dress. 

For the purple, I used Maybelline palette in Lasting Lilac (below) and the taupe was Cleopatra from Red Earth (as used in Atie's Makeover).

Viola! The happy bakal tunang orang (fiancee-to-be)
Syud was a natural with the Camera
Me and DN who also was recently engaged. Congrats yang!

The brimming bride-to-be. Natural makeup is enough to enhance her beauty and I hope Abang Joe likes it. (pics were very mildly edited for lighting)

Hugs and Kisses