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Friday, December 3, 2010

I Hit a Wall!

Above: Me being melancholic at Lake Spafford, Davis circa 2007

Today is the 6th day of my new lifestyle change and I almost hit the wall. I had a mouth-watering lunch with the colleagues but I am proud of myself for not ordering any dessert or eating excessively*pat on back*. If you know me well, you know I'd never say no to a bowl of sago gula melaka or a piece of durian cheesecake *drools* but I decided all that coconut milk was too rich and I already had nice desserts recently. Oh anyway I checked the nutrition analysis of durian and it's not all that bad. It's actually very high in Vitamin C. That shall be my excuse to eat more durian dessert :P

Anyway, I am exhausted because my sleep schedule is totally wrecked. This is going to be a quick and mundane post for my health and record-keeping sake. SKIP SKIP SKIP.

Exercise: NA-DA.

Food log:
*Estimation only. I'm too lazy to use my online calorie counter. BTW it is a real helpful site if you want to keep a close track of what you eat: even the breakdown of fat, protein and carbs too. If I am more disciplined in using this tool I can say without a doubt that I will lose weight.

Food: Half a cup of rice, Nyonya food (700 cals)

Drink: Carrot Juice (150 cals)

Bread and beef floss: (250 cals)

2 shakes ( 3 x F1, 1 x F2) = 180cals x2 = 360cals

Fruits and milk= 200cals

Total: 1660 cals (more than I expected!!).

Basal metabolic rate: 1200cals calculates that I need to restrict 621cals of my total energy expansion to lose kgs in 12 weeks.

Time Span:
Pounds to Lose:
Pounds per Week:
Pounds per Day:
Cal. Restriction per Day:

Calories You Burn-Calorie Restriction=Calorie You Can Eat


* Excuse the box on top, I don't know how to get rid of it haha.

So basically if I keep on eating the same amount I burn, I won't lose any weight. I can imagine how frustrating it is going to be for people on (crazy/expensive) diet who aren't informed about this. I shall be more careful tomorrow, which is going to be tough because tomorrow's conference will be laden with so much heavenly food! Be strong self, you can do this!

Other health calculator that calculates your protein intake, stress level and even HIV risk. FYI.



ShazreeyanaShukri said...

woww im so jealous!i wish i can buy the magic 'H' thing too! huwaaaaaaaaaaaa

shaaa said...

sayanggg. berkobar2 nye semangat! sha envious how determined u are. i x larat dah buat ni. keep it up hunnn! dont let gooo. eheheh