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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Nadzrah's Wedding March 12, 2011

A good friend of mine, Nadzrah, announced that she wanted to tie the knot with her love. She is a friend since our preparation studies 5 years ago and in the States, we met once in LA and hit it off ever since. I can't be happier for her!

Anyway, one day she contacted me and say how worried she is about her makeup on her big day. You see, she rarely wears makeup so she would like super natural wedding makeup that doesn't look heavy. I am sooo happy that she chose me!

The challenge in this task is that Nadzrah has her nikah and reception within one hour of each other. I have to curl her hair and pin in up under her hijab during the nikah and have one hour for some touch up and hair-styling. All in all, it went really smoothly and she had a wonderfully dainty pink-purple-themed reception at a yellow mosque near her house in Petaling Jaya.

Here are some pictures:


Makeup for her Nikah

Anxiously waiting to be wedded

Dani and Nadzrah. Btw I absolutely love her dress! The french lace is exquisite and she has it especially designed by her cousin for the occasion.

For the reception, I did some touch ups, added some purple on her eyes and also loosen the curls. They lasted the whole day thanks to Bed Head Hairspray.

Picture with Flash in my car. 

I'm so delighted to be part of your wedding, Nutzy!

here are some of my favorite shots in her professional wedding album. By the way, I like this style of photos with warm colors. They look very antique and gives me the warm fuzzies.

Overall, I enjoyed myself at Nutzy's wedding. I wish her everlasting happiness :)))))

Friday, March 18, 2011

Recreating Pixiwoo's Aqua Doll Eyes For Spring Makeup

I've been meaning to recreate this doll look by Pixiwoo for a while now. I wanted to take advantage of my bangs and at the same time take some years off my face to look younger too. Haha.  Anyway, I often shy away from bright eyeshadow colors but I am so inspired by Pixiwoo as she makes this doll-look so tempting, I figured it must be worth a try. The above pictures are taken from the site I heart Sam and Nic so much and admire their knowledge in makeup. Me and my sister, Shazreeyana often dream about being the Pixiwoo sisters of Malaysia. Pinch us now!

Anyway, the tutorial used a lot of branded items like MAC, Chanel and Makeupforever so I just came up with this look with a mixture of inexpensive makeup items I have.

Products used:
Face: Mix of Stage Photo Pro Foundation in Take 1 and Take 8

Now I have to say that this foundation provides less coverage than most so it is great for the natural look or everyday use because it is not so rich in pigments.

Stage Concealer in Sand
Powder is MAC Studio Fix in NC25

Cheeks: Elianto Rosey Cheeks in Sweet Rose
and for cheekbones I used
Stage Eyeshadow Mono in Cupcake

Lips: Maybelline Watershine in Pink Fairy
Glossed with 
Liplicious in Watermelon Sorbet

Eyes:  Any bright Turqoise eyeshadow of your choice. Mine is from a palette I got from Sungai Wang.
Maybelline The Magnum Mascara ( Pixiwoo mentioned that this look needs a clumpy mascara so I decided this brand is a good one to give full coverage)
For the waterline, I used Stage Picture Perfect Pencil Camouflage in Tiramise

Brows: Stage Brow Defining Pencil in Sesame

Can you see the concealer at my waterline? It helps open up my eyes.

It is so simple actually. Base the face real well, eyeshadow, mascara, blush and lips - You're good to go!

I think the Mascara isn't clumpy enough despite putting 3 coats on. 

Picture with Flash for your reference

Hope you like this post. I'm gonna do a makeover on my housemate soon. Toodles.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Stage Haul and FOTD Coral Lipstick Look

Aloha mahalo! Today after work I went to Tropicana City Mall top check out a certain magazine but I was sidetracked into Stage, my favorite makeup store besides MAC and SaSa.

I was going crazy in there because they are having CLEARANCE SALE of all Lipsticks, Lipgloss, Lipliner, Brow Colors, Eye Kohls etc for RM 12 only! Also their other items are buy 1 get 1 free! This is lunatic because I never seen their prices drop that low. If you want good quality makeup that doesn't break the bank, I recommend that you visit your nearest outlet like ASAP :)

By the way, since I am starting a freelance Makeup Service (click HERE to find out more) with my sister, I need to diversify my color palette and I have hauled 14 items all together. I feel like it was worth every penny. To me, Stage is between MAC and drugstore brands. It has nice expensive-looking packaging that I adore and the pigments are definitely good quality. My favorite item is their primer, Opening Act (which is not in this haul. Always out of stock!)

Below are my loots of the day

Stage Photo Pro Foundation ( Take 1 (Light) and Take 8 (Dark))

Stage Picture Perfect Liquid Camouflage ( Pixie Fairy (Light) and Genie Temptress (Dark))<-- I was told that the light concealer can be used as highlight, too.

Stage Wondergloss Lipgloss ( Electra and Narcissus)

Stage Brow Defining Pencil (Cinnamon)

Stage Eyeshadow Mono (Cupcake)

Stage Lipliner (Nearly Naked and Pretty Peony)

Stage Picture Perfect Pencil Camouflage ( Tiramisu) <--to lighten dark brows and line lips too

Stage Wonderluxe Lipstick Matte ( Passion Punch, Candy Coy, Candid Coral)

Swatches from top to bottom:
1) Lipstick Candy Coy
2)Lipstick  Passion Punch
3) Lipstick Candid Coral (Love this one! They say Coral is the new Pink)
4) Lipgloss Narcissus
5) Lipgloss Electra 

Without further ado, I was so ready to try the items for the FOTD below:

For foundation, I used Stage Photo Pro Foundation and I have to say, the coverage isn't as thick as MAC Studio Fix so it is suitable for daily use. I find it to be lightly tinted and gives off a nice dewy effect after the makeup settles.

I used MAC StudioFix Powder and MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Dark for shading around my cheek and jawline. For Blush, I used Stage in Freesia and Snapdragon.

The Stage Eyeshadow in Cupcake was used on my inner corner of the eyes, browbone and also just slightly on the apple of the cheeks to create high cheekbones. I like that the pigments are fine enough and also will last long with the help of eyelid primer from Elf (Thanks kakak for the gift!)
For the eyelid, I used RedEarth eyeshadow in Winter Rose (My favorite currently) and on the crease is dark brown shadow. Lined the eyes with Maybelline Eyestudio Black Gel Eyeliner and Mascara was first coated with Maybelline Volum' Express for length and definition and Maybelline Magnum for Volume.
Finally, I lined my lips with Stage Lipliner in Pretty Peony and smothered Stage Lipstick in Candid Coral. To mute the tone just a little, I added Mac Lipgloss in Viva Glam V ( featured in my previous post, a nude gloss to have a warmer finish)
Overall, I think coral is a really nice color. I often see it featured in the red carpet these days, I especially love this one by Katy Perry:

Have you tried coral yet?? I hope you enjoyed this post :DD

Sunday, March 13, 2011

New Makeup Bag and MAC Haul

Hello! I'm back after a long hiatus :D Work and social life has been keeping me occupied lately. Rest assured, I haven't forgotten this blog. Recently, my lovely sis bought a new makeup bag to store her endless stocks of beauty items and recommended that I own one too. This baby is from Magicboo, a beauty supply store for makeup artists and spa owners.

Me and my beloved sister went on a beauty hunt. It was so much fun, Atar.

Me and my sis are also freelancing to provide makeup services for gala dinners, engagement and weddings so we both bought MAC studio fix foundation in shade NC45 (darker) and NC20 (lighter) to create 3D effects and match diverse skintones. The third bottle is my color in NC25. 

My favorite item in this haul has to be MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Natural in Dark for shading purposes. It really creates contour on your face to emphasize the jawline and heighten cheekbones.

The next item is MAC Viva Glam V Lipgloss that the MAC staff said is the most in-demand gloss. It looks pretty with MAC Faux Lipstick.

Two free items that MAC gave were two pigments of pink and tan. I used it for cheek highlight and eyeshadow.

This is the makeup case that I bought. It can fill up to 70% of my makeup items and it has a lock too! 

All ready to go! I love my new makeup case. I think I am obsessed with it. I keep on opening and closing it for no reason, rearranging and adding things. I feel like a girl who just got her first Barbie. Weee~