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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Recent Acquisition and other Jumble Mumble Ramble

Hello tweeties!

Isn't the weather so nice and cool this week? The only bummer is that I haven't been going to jog at all but no worries I have good company this week who's been so sweet to keep me active with lots of yakking, laughing and some retail therapy. Haha I am hereby guilty of spending :P

Above: Me and Lovely Shashoe being crazy in the car. Isn't she a beauty? She's a halfie Punjab-Malay and we've been close friends since secondary school. 

What went in

Above: Breakfast home-made especially for Shashoe :P

Above: Our last lunch at Bumbu Desa at The Curve courtesy of my guest. Thanks love!

The Loots

Above: Winter Rose eyeshadow from Red Earth and Sha's Faux Lipstick from M.A.C. She's also in love with the lippy color. I am surprised that this color can look good on a wide range of skin tone: from yellowish tan to  olive tan.
Above: The next makeover is going to be Natasha's date look using the above makeup. She has been my protege since school.

Above: All our loots from SASA and Elo @ Subang Parade. Anyway Sasa is having a promo on VE mascara for RM19.90. I got it for RM28. No fair! Go get it soon if you want one.

Above: From the Saturday Market at the Curve. I think it is a great place to find inexpensive accessories below RM50. The rings are only RM10! Talking about rings.....

Above: *For future references*
Isn't this ring gorgeous yet simple? It's perfect for an engagement and the price was pretty reasonable. 

Current Inspiration

Above: Angelina Jolie is my inspiration for the coming Hollywood Glam Dinner in January.

Above: I'd like to achieve her cateye look for the coming ball. I found just a perfect and inexpensive way to do so by cutting the falsies to cover just the outer part of the lashline.

Above: I don't like fake lashes because it makes my eyes so uncomfortable, but I came up with the idea of cutting this pair into two so that I can achieve Jolie's cateye. Does it work? I'll let you know how it goes in future. Stay tune for pictures.

Last but not least, a trail of photomemories for my reminiscing purposes.

*excuse my puffy eyes*

Till next post. Muacks.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dr Syuhada's Engagement: Shimmery Lilac and Taupe Natural Bridal Look

Hello lovelies!

Sorry for the pause from the once-prolific yours truly :P. Last weekend was laced with lots of engagement and weddings! There's so much love going around and I am so happy for my friends. Congrats Cudidi and DN on their recent engagements to the men of their dreams.

Anyway, moi and Kakak (click HERE for her blog) were given the honor to beautify the already gorgeous Dr Syud on her engagement in Kedah. My sister was in charge of the coverage, blusher and shading while I was in charge of the eyes. Click HERE to check out what we used.

Thankfully the tunang orang was satisfied with our joined masterpiece and she was glowing with happiness! We enjoyed the occasion tremendously too. Shall the pics do the talking, ya?
Before the makeup. Syud has very nice skin and features
 which made our job that much more enjoyable.

After the foundation and primer done
by Kakak for good coverage.
I chose Taupe and Purple for Syud's eyes.
The color was inspired by her dress. 

For the purple, I used Maybelline palette in Lasting Lilac (below) and the taupe was Cleopatra from Red Earth (as used in Atie's Makeover).

Viola! The happy bakal tunang orang (fiancee-to-be)
Syud was a natural with the Camera
Me and DN who also was recently engaged. Congrats yang!

The brimming bride-to-be. Natural makeup is enough to enhance her beauty and I hope Abang Joe likes it. (pics were very mildly edited for lighting)

Hugs and Kisses