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Monday, November 29, 2010


I am a sinner of inconsistency and I want you to call me out if I ever NOT keep my promise to get healthier and lose some kg. I am uncomfortable sharing my innermost thought here but for the purpose of my health I shall keep blogging about how (in?)consistent I have been. I shall wallow in guilt when I go ashtray. Haha just kidding, self!

Anyway I started this new nutritional diet 2 days ago. I want to jot down how I feel and what I eat to keep track of my eating habits.

Well as of yesterday, I started the tea mix and aloe drink. I did not enjoy the taste of the aloe drink. It taste like some vinegar and chlorine (was it my tap water?), but I have to swallow anyway and hope that I will acquire the taste pretty soon *cross fingers*. I don't have a problem with the shakes because I have my own recipes to make them more edible and taste quite pleasant with fruits and low fat milk. As of now, I put different combos of papaya, pineapple, banana and strawberry. I froze the fruits so they won't go bad and kinda make the shakes cold like a smoothie. I need to keep the shakes interesting to keep myself going. I shall experiment more as time goes by.

I have gained 3kgs since last year and my body fat percent is not at a healthy proportion which resulted in my weak-ish immune system and lethargy. My health diary is as follows:

Yesterday: The tea is a diuretic and I kept having to go to the loo every hour and I consumed 4litres of water. I feel like it is detoxifying my body and the shakes also change my bowel movements. I can feel a difference albeit a little hungry at night.

Today: I felt most lethargic in the morning and I couldn't get myself out of bed. I know sometimes introducing a new diet to my body may result in some unpleasant "rejection" that shall subside soon (how soon? no idea). My body is in shock of this sudden nourishment it wasn't used to and I consumed 2 shakes, 2 tea mix and 1 aloe today. For lunch I ate some leftover pasta and in the evening I went to eat some nan tandoori (is it so unhealthy?). I shall not do evening meals anymore but it was a meeting with a friend, how could I not? As a food aficionado, the biggest challenge is to deny my palate the wonderful scrumptious food that it can enjoy but I will try adapting to this and having a "can-do" attitude. Chaiyok Chaiyok Self!


John said...

Hey, ur blog is amazing!This is a hard work well done. How sweet to hear that you love kids! Aw, keep it up.

ferrarossa said...

Hey John! Thanks for your comment. i hope Davis is treating you well. I do love kids, just lack time to interact with them these days. Come back and say hello sometimes!