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Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Beauty Favorites ( Mac Fix +, Avene Milk Cleanser, Hair Back) and Princess Makeup

Happy fasting to everyone who is observing the month of Ramadhan! I know it has been so long since my last update but I got a legit excuse (my DELL decided it's time to go kaput) so now I am on my brand new ASUS x42D which I got for only RM1400 (USD 400) and I am loving it! It's nothing fancy but thanks to it I am able to blog again *kiss new lappy*.

Anyway, these updates are long overdue. I'd like to share my new beauty regime and recent purchases with y'all beauty addicts out there. Hope it is useful :D

MAC Fix Plus (RM 75) to set your makeup for the "dewy" effect.

My first purchase was MAC fix + setting spray. It is like cherry on top of the cake, perfecting the finish look. Great for dewy effect and supposed to blend all your makeup evenly and I am not sure about the long-lasting effect as we live in a humid country (Malaysia) in which our weather will melt the makeup within 3 hours of application. So I say, use it for special occasions when you'd like to glow. Also, it may oxidize the makeup and make the powder look darker. This was taught by my sifu Anna (blog here) and true enough, I noticed the slight change of shade in powder but it is not super noticeable.

Hair Back Tonic for my hair loss

My second favorite beauty item is Hair Back Shampoo and Tonic. I have been steadily losing hair since Dec and this is the only thing that works on me (tried Himalaya, Ally, Schwarzkopf no result). I swear by it's shampoo and tonic. Just a couple of spritz after shower and I can see new baby hair growing. 

Skin 11 Comedones Clear Solution (RM 179)
Okay, this third item was recommended by my beautician, Cheryl who I go to for facials. She noticed there abundance of whiteheads and blackheads  on my nose area and after spending time to extract them (it was painful!), she decided it is time for some serious prevention. I have to say, this Comedones work wonderfully if used religiously. I am supposed to use it twice a day but only apply once before going to bed and I can notice my whiteheads are getting less and less every facial visit. If you have cash to spare, try this one for whitehead prevention.

 Vitamin E 17500 IU for Scar healing

After the facial, I had lotsa redness and quite freaked out if there might be scarring due to extraction. Momma used to give me Vitamin E for scar-healing so I got this at RM 20 from Guardian and it helps calm the inflammation. Works only on fresh scars.  

Avene Gentle Milk Cleanser RM 99

Cheryl also told me that I ought to change my facial cleanser from oil-based to milk-based as the oil has been clogging my pores and making more bumps on my face so I decided to change my cleanser to this Avene one. So far there's less clogging and I just love how convenient it is. If I am too lazy I just splatter this on my face and grab a piece of cotton to wipe the gunk off. I do recommend this cleanser if you're looking for milk-based cleanser. I think for the price and quantity, it makes a great buy.

Last but not least, my last purchase was NutriMetics lipstick in Blooming Rose. It is a deep shocking PINK and is not for the faint-hearted. I caught a nurse spotting this lippy on and I just had to ask her the name of this pink one and when I tried it on me, I have to say it looks a little off. I think my complexion is too light for it. It looks best on medium to darker skin tone (ala Latina), I think this lip color will be great for the slightly tanned. For now, it just sits pretty in my collection.

Last month, my company had a Gala Dinner themed the Magical Fairytale and I decided to be a Princess. It was a dream come true for me as I always wanted to play princess for a day. Here are the pictures, I hope y'all enjoy them:

With hair extension and Pink Nouveau lipstick 

Rent the tiara and the dress too

Purple and pink eyeshadows. The lashes were really OTT cuz I wanted it to look dramatic.

Me singing on the stage. 

With my bestie who won the 2nd best dressed award

I have tons more to write but I gotta get up early tomorrow so Toodles for now dear sweets. What is your new favorite beauty item? Do you dig the princess look? XOXO