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Friday, December 30, 2011

Artistic Eye Makeup Contest by Indian Vanity Case: Mysterious Arabic Peacock Eyes

 Happy Friday peeps!

Thanks to my sister, I stumbled upon a fun entry by Indian Vanity Case, the Artistic Eye Makeup Contest. This is a perfect excuse for me to be crazy and creative with those untouched rainbow of eyeshadow colors in my collection. I have to admit I had loads of fun creating this look, which I dubbed " Mysterious Arabic Peacock Eyes". I was inspired by the colors of a peacock feather: goldish yellow, green, blue and a touch of purple and pink. Hope you enjoy the visual effect!

Products used:

Laura Mercier Silk Creme Froundation in Medium Beige
MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NC30
MAC Studio fix Powder NC30
MAC Blush in Stunner
MAC Blush in Equilibrium

Dior lipstick in Precious Beige

Liquid Eyeliner In2it in Black
Brows: MAC eyeshadow in  Embark
The Hypercurl Volum Express Mascara
Romantic Eyeshadow palette from Dubai (below)   
False Lashes found at Jonker Walk

The Outcome

I hope I win the awesome Too Faced Natural Eye Palette! Sorry guys not much to write because the dateline is tomorrow!! Wish me luck *cross fingers*

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Celebrating the Coral

Coral has been the in color for this year. Personally, I think the trend will still catch on next year. Speaking of which, Happy new Year everyone! 

Surprisingly, when I monitor my site referrals, lots of searches for "Coral Lips" come up. I guess girls are really interested to pull this color off. 

Coral is an exciting and energetic color. No wonder it  has become a favorite for a statement gesture. Coral-anything- nails, lips, dress, bag, shoes- is sure to pop and get the attention you deserve. Here are some of the coral things I own this year. Go check your closet, you may have gotten one (or more) too!

1) Coral Crack Nail color

I got this baby from a beauty expo in KLCC for RM 10. You can get a better quality one from OPI or the like. Crack technology is the new fashionable trend in the nail industry and the coral shade is to-die-for.

Don't you just love the color? It is a deep coral tone and  you can lighten it by putting white base underneath or for statement nails, layer black or purple at the bottom.

Just a fun wall art I found at IKEA. Nothing coral-lated. It's only $28 and you can put up your favorite pictures on and change them up when you're bored.

2) Coral Lips: Peaches and Cream

This lip color is by Sleek Makeup, called Peaches and Cream. Got it in London for 3 pounds. It has a very milky coral color and the texture is very creamy (need lipgloss on top).

Me and Peaches and Cream. Must bring it for touch-up as it has a very short life span on my lips. 

3) Coral dress

I got this Coral dress from Cotton on. It has a very summery feel to it and so comfortable to move in. Perfect with wedges and a big brown bag.

Random pic: My sis is doing my hair. Thanks Kakak!!

4) Coral Bag

This gold-chained faux leather coral clutch/shoulder bag is a bargain from Primark. I usually wear it on a night out with a black dress.

5) Coral Headband
I am crazy about these headband from HnM. I like the gold chain details and it is super goddess-y and boho at the same time. 

With my hair up, this band complements the bouffant hair style. I don't like to tease my hair too much, though. So a simple uplift using some hairspray will do.

6) Coral Wedges

These poppers from Vinnci look real good with blue skinny jeans. Love em. Quite comfortable for a long walk during the weekend window shopping.

So that's about it. Everything Coral that I own from head to toe: headband, dress,  nails, lipstick, clutch and bag. Of course I don't recommend wearing them all at once. A healthy dose of coral can always brighten up your day with no effort. What is something coral that you own? Do tell!!!

Ferra Rossa

Pretty Lil Things from London: Statement Rings, French Manicure and Jewelery Box

Ahoy Cuppiecakes!

I am back all inspired to share with you the pretty little things I found while on an exploration to London City. Cheap jeweleries and makeup are so readily available from stores like Primark, Boots and even HnM!

Here are some of the treasures I found while on the voyage:

1) Mini French Manicure Set

I was at this shop called  Beauty Store at Oxford street and bought some makeup items when the cashier told me I can get one free item from the shelf and these cute mini frenchies caught my eyes.

To get a Frenh Manicure at a Salon will cost an arm and leg (RM40 and above) and they barely last longer than two weeks so I decided these will be great for those days when I feel like pampering myself.

French Manicure from Beauty UK comes in White, Pink and Top Coat

Tada! Don't nails look much healthier with pearl white tips and a flush of pink?

1) Layer nail with Pink
2) Apply White on  white tips
3) Apply Pink throughout nails
4) Apply Top Coat 

I also found this cute jeweled box from HnM

......with Lipgloss inside! It's so cute and feminine. The gloss is very sheer and pink so it looks good on top of colored tint or lippie. 

Lord of the Rings: 

My oversized purple butterfly ring. LOVE!

A bejeweled copper dangling earring from Forever 21

I found this cute Zebra-striped box for 5 pounds

It's a treasure chest for jeweleries. Convenient for frequent travelers to keep their favorite bling. I bought it because of it's nice ring display.

I know it's a tad late but Merry Xmas peeps!

Her's my look for a company dinner. Glitter sequined top, drop earrings, winged eyeliner and RED lips. I am wearing Runway Rouge by Stage.

Having the early Xmas dinner at Bubba Gump. I miss the real christmas food: Roasted Turkey, mashed sweet potatoes with marshmallow on top and eggnog! *crave* I miss decorating Christmas trees and playing game cards with friends.

I celebrated Xmas with a scented vanilla candle, Noels by Josh Groban and a good book. A very quiet Christmas indeed. How did you celebrate yours?

Saturday, December 10, 2011

London and Paris Pictures and Loots

Bonjour! Yes finally I am sharing with you the trip I just took to London and Paris. Both cities are beautiful in their own way. London is industrious and business-like while Paris is all about meanings and romanticism. I love the contrast!

Anyway here are some pictures for your eyecandy :D

I went totally crazy with winter hats! It wasn't that cold but hey I got a perfect excuse to sport this warm fuzzies in London , I can never do that in Malaysia where it's hot all the time. 
This one is from Dorothy Perkins and makes me feel like JLo. Nora Danish was caught sporting one too(below).

So here are some pictures of London


Crepe, Music and People-Watch. What else is more fun?

The must-have shot with a double decker

The gate to Birmingham Palace.

These are some of the things I got from London shopping trip at Oxford Street. London offers cheaper perfumes, clothes and accessories compared to Malaysia. My favorite stores are Primark, Forever21, HnM and Boots.

For RM 60, this is a steal! I have worn this perfume, Sunflower by Elizabeth Arden since college and I love to layer it with Pretty, also from Elizabeth Arden. Super girly and florally smell!

I love how the packaging of Maybelline Mascara is different in each country. How come ours don't come with lace trim and a modern shape? 

Bought the scarf from Zara and the white beret from Mark and Spencer

The elite shops for their groceries at MnS. The store sells more than just cookies and clothes here. Fresh produce and cheeses are also available!

So then, I travelled to the city of Love.*Swoon*. Paris was what I imagined it to be: very poetic and symbolic. People look for beauty and inspirations all around them. Everything is so detailed, rustic and pretty!  Ah, so romantic! I'd love to live there!! 

The train station in Paris. The first sight of the beautiful intricate architecture

A pink cafe! How cute is this? Cafe culture is big in Paris and places like these are never empty with people-watchers and Parisians looking for inspiration-or just a cuppa.

This floral shop caught my eyes. Heavenly filled with hydrangeas and roses. So pleasing to the eye.

Bonjour Paree! Can I please stay here forever!!?

Parisians love their sucre (sweets) and take their chocolate seriously. This chocolatier outlet displays a never ending types of chocolate in different shapes and color.

One of the tube entrances that caught my eye, because it was made of silver and sparkle-y colored glasses.

The Louvre. If you love art, this place is a must-visit!. I was just excited to see the Mona Lisa.

Can you see the mysterious smile on Mona Lisa? I thought the painting was bigger. It is now covered with glass so pictures are allowed.

Me under the glass pyramid of the Louvre

In the section called the Medieval Palace.

Chilling by the lake near the Louvre. The ultimate spot to layan jiwang.

The Sunset in Paris.

As I walked by, my breath was taken away by the sight of Eifel Tower with the backdrop of the sunset.

Gorgeous, no?

Sparkling Eifel Tower.
 The tower lights up every hour for ten minutes and I was lucky to witness that twice. People go "Oooohs and Ahhhs" over it, so it's hard to miss! It was really beautiful.

The next day, I bumped into a wonderful vintage and antic flea market.

I got this turquoise bracelet for a bargain. Everytime I wear it, it reminded me of Paris. I just love the wiring details and the statement size of this bracelet.

The flea market in Paris sells many unique items, like....


Old records


and vintage brooches!

One thing I love about Paris is just how fashionable every one is! People are so well-presented and chic. It is, after all the city of fashion. I never feel overdressed at all, and that is wonderful!

I hope to get back to Paris one day. Oh, I absolutely love the beautiful city of Love: the chic people, croissants, chocolate crepe and the ambiance of romanticism.

I promise I'll share more London and Paris loots in my next post! Stay tuned