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Monday, November 29, 2010

A Very Hairy Affair

As requested by my beauty queen cum make up guru soul sister, I have hereby fully utilized the versatility of this inexpensive headband I found in JB. It was only RM 15 (so cheap right?) and I have used it to add the drama factor to my outfit. I think the color is so pretty and sunny and shall look real good with deep blue or its (yellow's) complementary color, purple. When I first saw it I instantly thought of Ricebunny home-made chain headband:

So pretty right? Anyway I heart Ricebunny and have been following her since 2005. I grabbed the headband and came up with a couple of ways to style this chained headband.

Opss I totally suck the bandwidth out of Google to upload this humongous picture! Hahaha

Anyway lets do some health talk:

Today I woke up feeling totally energized and in a pretty pleasant mood. I believe the Fish Oil helps improve my mood. I used to be so grumpy, pessimistic and anal about the littlest things but thanks to the mood booster, Omega 3 gives me happiness- like literally! However, I am not about to make a sweeping and unproven claim. Go read about how fishies can contribute to improved brain function here and here. *fish burps*

Besides, I am also taking some EPO and ganoderma (sworn by Daddy for health purposes although I haven't a clue how it works and am too lazy to do research on it). I just want to get back on the pink health and live like a young person. It's not so hard to do. By the way I was curious of the connection between the food we eat and the mood that may be affected so I found this super interesting article. In short, here are the stuff you need to consume to boost certain mood:



Eggs, milk, liver, beef - According to research studies, these foods contain choline. Adults performed better in memory tests after eating foods containing choline. If you have a presentation or exam in the morning, make yourself an omelet for breakfast.

Prunes - Prunes contain twice the antioxidant of most other fruits. Antioxidant-rich diets disable reactive oxygen molecules linked to memory loss and mental deterioration.

Oatmeal - Foods that are low in fat and contain whole-grain carbohydrates give your brain memory-enhancing glucose.


Apples, grape juice, avocadoes and broccoli - These foods contain Boron, which is responsible for hand-eye co-ordination, attention and short-term memory. Boron-rich foods also maintain healthy bone and blood-sugar levels.

Lemons - The smell of lemons can induce the feeling of alertness.


Oranges, apples, soy milk and yogurt - These foods are slow digesting carbohydrates and can supply a steady source of fuel for your body.

Sunflower seeds - Sunflower seeds contain magnesium which helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function, and keeps heart rhythm steady and bones strong. It is also involved in energy metabolism and protein synthesis. Just a handful of sunflower seeds will give you half of your daily magnesium needs.

Tuna - Tuna makes a great lunch or after-workout meal. Tuna contains the protein needed to repair muscles and it supplies tyrosine which your body can then use to create the two alertness neurotransmitters, dopamine and norepinephrine.


Salmon - Salmon or any other cold-water fish contains the mood-elevating vitamin B12 as well as omega-3 fatty acids that may assist in preventing depression. Omega-3 raises serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin regulates mood and reduces irritability. Eating fish to regulate your mood isn't instantaneous, it is a long-term process and therefore it would be beneficial to regularly incorporate fish into your diet.

Bananas - Bananas contain vitamin B6, which is known to build serotonin levels. If you regularly drink alcohol or if you are taking birth control pills, you could be depleting your body of vitamin B6.

Chicken livers - Chicken livers are high in folic acid, which promotes the brain's production of feel-good neurotransmitters.


Nuts - An amino acid called L-arginine found in nuts and sesame seeds enhances blood flow throughout your body, including the genital area. Eggs and meat also contain small amounts of L-arginine. There are studies that have focused on this amino acid and its role in treating erectile dysfunction.

Chocolate - Yes! Everyone's favorite! This treat releases pleasure-enhancing endorphins into the brain and also contains phenylethylamine, a stimulant associated with love and sexual attraction."

Today I ate some carrot juice, leftover pancake from light years ago and an apple. I am now hungry so I shall scrounge for something else to munch on.

I have made a pact with my housemate to go JOGGING this evening (if weather permits!). Having someone to work out with shall improve my compliance in exercise. I see no point in getting a gym membership just yet. I shall persevere !!!

I drank the aloe+tea in the morning and mixed my cappuccino shake with some frozen fruits which makes for a pretty yummy drink.

Pray that I will jog today and please scold me if I don't. Toodleloo!

p/s: thanks kakak for the earrings from Hong Kong!

UPDATE: Although it poured just now, I managed to jog 3 laps at the park near my house. My stamina is better than I expected and sweating feels good. I need new running shoes and proper sporty outfit!!! Health Note: consumed 2 more shakes. I found a perfect recipe that used dried cranberries.


ShazreeyanaShukri said...

ADIK! i love how u style ur hair using the headband! genius! weh apa kata hg besaqkan tmpat nak tulis ni so post hg besaq sikit n letak gambaq besaq xkeluaq line..ahaha

love u adik!

ferrarossa said...

Ala adik baru je berjinak2 ayam ngan blogger ni adik xreti lagi but I shall experiment with it. gambaq tu saja ja bg besaq puaih nenok sket.. tq akak for d tips!

ShazreeyanaShukri said...

im glad u love those earrings! masa akak pilih, akak pikiaq adik akan suka tak yang ni..hiihhih.payah kot nak pilih 5 earrings..akak dok lam kedai tu dekat sejam nk pilih..knowing me (indecisive)...heheheh..nasib baik kedai tu comel n bukak lagu2 mcm hawaii and beachy..seronok! i really enjoy having u on the cyber world..ahahah..tu x kira BB world lagi..LOL

Foodsterr said...

aww thats so nice aygg!! now u ni dah jadi healthy healthy girl dah..
happy for u!! :D
miss u yggg

Leperd said...

Wow! very 'akarui' blog desu.kore de genki deru ne(i feel healthy reading ur blog).keep it up!

Foodsterr said...

arigato ne!

syakila mothar said...

Parahhhh!! Pandainya u style guna headband. I tak reti yang. Nanti ajar me!! Tapi rambut I tetot :(

ferrarossa said...

Shark!!! Boleh Boleh I leh ajaq u dear... ambut pendek pon boleh buat jugak some of d styles tau! mesti bob sukeww

gapogak11 said...

wow! ayang, i xtau pon hairband tu bleh pki mcm2.. so creative la u... bc blog ampa dpt info psl food tu,i btol2 nk diet n try the smart one! my dear ferrarosa, is dat Fish Oil really improves the mood? i nk trryy! best la.. akak story bout make up n da sista tell more bout health...

Anonymous said...

i wish to know wish camera are you using ? coz all your photo is so nice or maybe coz the camera is taking the same nice face.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous "alaa"

ferrarossa said...

Alaa! It is shafeeq's camera I stolen because mine was stolen at a company's dinner. It is Canon digital camera RM400 from penang. Haha! Anyway I edit my pics using Picasa. Thanks for commenting!

ferrarossa said...

*stole not stolen

nur izzaty said...

my gojes gurl i love the headband ....suma style tu kena ngan lawa buat apa pun lawa :)

about the jog tuu nnt kalu hujan we still can work things out... at home dear tak aerobic kita skipping jelah.kannn.... nak tak...

mampukah kita hahahahaha????