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Monday, December 27, 2010

Natasha's Makeover: Day to Night Natural Makeup Sweet Date Winter Rose Look

Ola Mi' Amor!

Well the long-awaited makeover of my princess Natasha is ready for your viewing pleasure. Sorry for the long overdue. A lot has been going on in my life lately, cheers to an eventful life! Anyway here's the visuals:

Above: The main features of this look are Winter Rose Eyeshadow from Red Earth (RM34) and Faux Lipstick (RM 65) from M.A.C. I am surprised that this lip color looks gorgeous in many skin tone. It's the color most people can pull off. It is more long-lasting compared to Stage or Revlon lipstick.

Above: before pictures. I am blessed to have so many pretty friends. Making them up is a piece of cake!
Above: Now this cupcake is my favorite.
Above: Ta-da! Oh so natural and muka buat bakal menantu (the face is as sweet as one's wish for one's future daughter-in-law <-- weird translation!).

Above: Shashoe checking herself out. She approves!

Above: Excuse my camera, peeps. The winter rose is a little washed out but in real life it is more "pigmentatious". 
Above: Without flash

Now say you want to jazz this look up and turn it into an evening look without going over the top, simply add darker tones of eyeshadow, in this case is deep dark brown at the crease of the eye.
Above: Can you tell the difference?
Above: Viola! A more dramatic look for a twist. Just a touch of darker colors can add interest around your eyes. 

Above: Needless to say, Natasha doesn't need makeup's help to direct the attention to her googlies as she already she has such BIG eyes! 

Above: More pictures

Above: Yours truly with my New Zealand model.

 Above: My next sharing is this cat-eye look using comfortable fake lashes. 

Let me know what you think. Love.


nashanasran said...

omg besaqnya mata.

Anonymous said...

cantiknya makeup! me likey!

nashanasran said...

oh.. and.. pandai nya fufu makeup. awawt panddai sgt tatauu. ahahah.
thanx ajaqqq i. ur so talented !! :DDD

nur izzaty said...

so pretty.... :)

Lady said...

omg, the output was wonderful.