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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Atie's Spontaneous Makeover with Shazreeyana: Using Red Earth Cleopatra Eyeshadow and MAC Faux Lipstick

Before anything, a collage for whoever's viewing pleasure...

Above: Vain overload! HAHA. If you haven't notice, I love buying clothes, especially girl-y pieces with embroidery and floral prints. I am revamping my wardrobe (lemari pon takdak haha) with "sweet" and girl-next-door-looking pieces as that's what pleases moi <3.

Anyway today was a rather spontaneous vanity event. My housemate aka jogging partner was part of my experimentation of a shading technique and it turns out to be a full blown makeover! Either way I had so much fun making her up, thanks to the help of my beauty guru, Sista. The end result was that my muse looks so sultry and beautiful with just the right amount of make-up. Let the pictures rock your socks....

Before the makeover...
Above: Atie before the MakeOver

Above: The basics of applying eyeshadow: Light colored base on eyelid and Dark colors on crease as shown above. Don't forget to blend afterwards to avoid looking like an alien.

Above: I applied this Red Earth ( pic below) 38 Cleopatra
Illusion Lights Eyeshadow (RM34 from Sasa) as the framing color on the crease. It is a very nice and fine high-quality pigment with almost no fallout or creasing.
I'd like to send out a special thanks to my cutie patootie for these brushes from a Night Market near HUKM. They are a steal!
Above: Slathering my spanking new lippy from M.A.C called Faux (Pic below) (RM 65).

Above: I asked the M.A.C salesgirl about the #1 selling lippy at the store and she mentioned that "Faux" is selling like hotcakes nowadays. After trying it, I have to say I am sold! It is pretty shade of nude pink, almost magenta-ish color with long-lasting quality and makes a great pair with any gloss you have, especially clear 0r sparkly pink frost.

Be ready for the FULL reveal.....


can't wait?

Above: Ta-dah! Atie looks so sultry and gorgeous with these colors. BTW noticed the shading on her cheeks and jawline?

Above: The closeup of the eye makeup. Basically I used Revlon Colorstay eyeliner in Black (Rm28) and the VE mascara.

Above: After pic with flash.
Above: After pic without flash
After: One more for your eyecandy. Oh ya, btw Atie is happily engaged. *applause*

Above: Atie's voluptous full lips are to be envied! They wear the Faux lippy beautifully and matches her skin tone perfectly! I just have to put up this luscious kissable picture.

Above: The last camwhoring with yours truly who looks beaten up from work :P

All in all, I enjoyed myself so much when I make people feel beautiful. A simple touch can make a difference in one's confidence and it is a gift to other women if I can make them a little more glowy and excited. Oh how I love makeup!

Have a good evening peeps!

Health note:

Not much changed, maintained 2 shakes per day, skip the evening tea due to insomnia and feeling more energetic albeit the lack of physical activity. I haven't been sick (yet). Feeling a little full of spirit lately. XOXO


BloodVanille said...

oh sayang comel, u and kak hengsibunga are talented makeup artistes!
cantik sangat kak atie setelah dimakeup!
nampak jawline yang vavavoom, serta matanya yang before this seductive menjadi super duper seductive!
cantik sangat yg, pandai sgt u
n i love how the shake tastes like
pls be healthier ayg! me is prayin for u

nur izzaty said...

olaaa it so much.good job.both of u are so skill gitu.tqsm and credit especially for your hard work n tq cause sudi gak nak make up kan i.and to yana plak tq gurl for your explanation hehehe.
and to hensem boy tq for your compliment.
happy cause ada free teacher dah skrang hehehe.

love u much much...xoxo.

shaaa said...

santeknyeee. pandaii fuufuu nihhh. sha like the lippy colour a lot. and overall pun i like. natural but very nice!

n i cant wait to melantak your shakes. :p

ShazreeyanaShukri said...

my adik is sooo talented! and atie pon mmg gorgeous so x susah pon nak mekap dia..ihihii u r most welcome atie..nanti kita buat look lain pulak..i love ur new lipstick from MAC..nanti nak try lagi..hihhi.. and mata atie nampak sgt galak..thanks to RED EARTH yang tak pecah..wakakakaka!!love u adik! great job!

Shahrum Sha said...

pandai lah farah & kak yana make-up..cntik sgt2x...k.shahrum bleh blajar make-up dgn bca blog korang ja..Trima ksh byk2x la share kt blog korang...^_^