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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bangs Bangs Bangs: Just some Pictures of Natasha's Bday and Miss Vainpot Natural Makeup

Hey Peeps,

It's 2am and I am not currently on my personal laptop so I can't do Natasha's Natural Date Makeup look just yet. Plus, just had a stomach flu and also outstation. Here's some pictures to keep you and me going.

Happy Birthday Shashoe

Nowadays I really tone down on the eyeshadows and foundation. Natural is the new black. *gg senget*

Til next post~


sncport said...

you pull off the natural look really well, so pretty. I like your hair!

ferrarossa said...

Hello sncport! I just cut my hair and promise to stop abusing it with color or perms so yay thankfully my locks look much healthier and the hair stopped falling out. Can't match your long black locks tho! Anyway I like your blog!So trite and to-the point. <3

shafiggles said...

cantiknya my lop ni

Anonymous said...

Cantik sungguh my lop ni

ShazreeyanaShukri said...

with or without makeup, u r still my gorgeous diva!love u lots adik..