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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Organizing Jewellery Display, Hair Loss Remedy, Artwork, Beauty Tools, Food!

Hi all, what's cooking this weekends? As usual, I'm cleaning, doing laundry and pigging out on food. I am such a foodie in that sense. No wonder I have been packing on some lbs. But life is too short to count calories, right? Anyway this post is a mumbo jumbo of a couple of things I'd like to share.


I got this neat tree branch from IKEA USA for USD5! Ain't in neat? displays some of my beloved jeweleries which I should use more often! How do you organize your jewellery collections? I need some ideas on how to store headbands! Please share, I really need a solution and thank you in advance :DDD

Talking about headbands, scored these for RM15 for 3 from IKANO

3 boho braid headbands for RM 15. For the bohemian chic at heart!

How to style:

Comes in handy if you have a big forehead like me :P

Since we're on the topic of jewelleries, got this Pink Blingy cover for my berry at Popmyberry. They don't have enough choices for Curve but so many other pretty ones for Bold etc. I went to the SS15 outlet.

Pink Blingy drying off as I put a protective coat of clear nail varnish on to protect the jewels.

I also just bought these SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICASPIALIDOCIOUSLY COMFORTABLE shoes. Clarks does make the best working/ walking shoes. Look how much thought they put in:

Shock Absorption and Arch Support! Also has a softer heel counter that prevents from abrasion with heel's skin. Blisters begone!!!!

The toebox is a little tight I hope the width will expand after some usage. If not I have to send these back to the cobbler for mending. 


If you're looking for inexpensive storage/travel containers and beauty solutions, check out Magicboo. They have outlets in many places (Klang Valley) and I always go to Wisma Dicor Subang. They sell makeup boxes, masks, beauty supplies, tools and salon products for cheaper.

This foundation brush from Magicboo is RM 8 and man oh man, it surely feels like MAC! Spare your dollars and try this one if you're looking for a new brush.
Bristle is soft and I use it everyday now! Forget about expensive foundation brush, this one does exactly the same thing and I won't be so sad if I lose it.

Another Magicboo purchase is this tapered brush. This inexpensive brush can be used on Nails or eyeliner. I actually use it for both: Just clean really well. RM7.

The tapered-end and thin bristle is perfect to draw fine line on eyeliner. The effect is a clean and crisp line. I shall continue to draw my eyeliner with these because it is so easy to control
and very precise, too.

Another buy:  A Sprayer travel bottle for my hairfall tonic (below). RM3


I am currently suffering from hairloss and I heard this Shiseido's tonic is really effective in treating hairloss caused by oily scalp/ clogged follicles. If your hairloss is caused by genetic, you have to get prescriptions cause tonics won't work on you. 

I am using Hairback tonic currently, but decided to give one a try because hairstylists everywhere have been recommending this one.

It is made with Arnika , for increased blood circulation which hopefully can stimulate my hair follicles. *cross fingers* If you suffered from hairloss before, mind telling me what works? 
Because I really don't like the price tag on this one at all! RM 182 :__(

Now that I have less hair, a good cover-up is volumising mousse! I thank the person who invented this! Haha I use it before blowdrying my hair upside down. RM 34

Works well, not too sticky and smells nice.

Tempted by the salesperson to try this Lumino Contrast by Loreal. RM 40+ . Smells nice and fruity but I hate the consistency as it is too thin and runny! Hair absorbs it well though, not oily at all after application. I still think Dove serum will do me good for dollar value.

Got this nail polish dispenser for RM7! How smart, right? I saw many nail parlour using them and I just had to get them because I hate it when cotton fibres get stuck on my wet colored-nails when I try to erase other nails I made a booboo on. Ok this statement sounds weird but you get what I mean, right?

Since we're on the topic of nails, do you like my natural pink mani? Got it done that's why it looks neat :P

Still on the topic of Nails, do you know what this thing is for? I was quite curious when I first saw it and found out it is called Nail Dotting Tool

Used to create polka dots
How to use

To get designs like these! So pretty and girly! LOVE!

Just added some cheapo nailcolors from Mydin to the collection. Actually it was for work project as we're painting pots (as below) for a charity event so I'll keep the leftovers (if any).


Using the nail polishes, I had to create an art project for work.

The pot is from IKEA and only nail polish can stick on it. These designs are for demo purposes. I actually enjoyed pot-painting!

The kids had so much fun painting these. Don't they all look so colorful together?

Working on these art projects got me feeling artsy and inspired and so I am unleashing my creative side (which is so rusty) with this box of crayons. I miss primary school days when I used to spend lotsa time coloring and playing with BUNCHO crayons and watercolors. Do you do that in school, too?
My recent artwork, Love in the Wind. Haha so cheesy but I can't think of a more approriate name.


If you haven't already, please go and try this Beef Brisket Sandwich from The Loaf. OMG succulent meat of brisket doused in caramelized onion BBQ sauce, with chunks of jalapeno and melted cheese between two crispy and buttery bread. Enough said! *drool*

My favorite from DOME is this Honeygold Rush Coffee with chunks of Crunch. 

 Pieces of chocolate-covered honeycomb on whipped cream and ice blended coffee translates to Heaven in a glass. 

This breakfast set is dissapointing a little: eggs are overcooked but I'll excuse the Dome in Subang Parade as staff was very accommodating and the ambience is so cozy as I curled up with a great book and just soaked the cafe atmosphere in.

Saving the best for last,

Nadzrah's Mouthwatering Carrot Cake!!!!!

If you're a true fan of Carrot cake, you MUST try this one! 

Awesome size for only RM60

Yes, this is food porn.

Here's my review:

 Dear Nadzrah,

This is the most scrumptious Carrot Cake I've ever tested hands down. The cake is moist, the ingredients are original (freshly-grated carrots ay!) and the cream cheese topping is exactly to my taste: not too rich and not too thin.

So delicious and highly recommended by yours truly.

Baked with love by Nadzrah Khaleefur (she only bakes one of this per day OK)

Email her at

I think that's about it, y'all. Drop me a comment to tell me what catches your eyes this weekend. Stay safe, XOXO


nutzy said...

Awww thanks love ;)))

efa fairuz said...

hey i like your love in the wind artwork.. not cheesy at all.. cantik!

n yes, that is the food porn! @_@

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