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Monday, October 10, 2011

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale at MAEPS Serdang Oct 7-16, 10-9pm

I just came back from the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale. My god, I went out of control and went a little crazy with the books. I bought books about Make up, Hair, Home Decor, Baking, Love, Chic Lits, Self-Help and many more. I held myself back from certain sections because I have filled two boxes with books and I just needed to exercise some self control. Anyway, I am here to spread the words so you won't miss out on this fair. Check out the website for the inventory/list of books and look at the price. Nothing above RM20. Most of the books I bought are between RM5-RM10. Some big ones cost RM20.

The hall was filled with 1.5 million books from Hobbies and Craft to History and Politics

Check out the Chic Lit pile!

My damage. Definitely a bang for the bucks. 42 books for RM 440! That averaged out to RM 10 per book. 

I slept late last night reading Nick Arrojo book titled Great Hair. It was so hard to choose which book to start first. I vow to read every night before going to sleep.

I think that's about it. The sale will last for another 5 days so go get your bestseller and hardcover before it's gone!

Yours truly,