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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Decorating a Tiny Space: A Tour to Moi Small Room

I <3 Interior decorating. My room is super small but it's cozy enough for a girl like moi. 

Tips I learned about small spaces:

1) Use white/ light colored furniture to create illusion of bigger space
2) Make use of wall space
3) De-clutter
4) Use mirror or reflect surface to make room seem big

<3Just a simple one<3


Cecilia Adeline said...

Kak Farah, where did you purchase that clock? Its so unique and beautiful! I've been looking for one but I could find them anywhere here in this Kulim area. Probably anywhere in Penang? :) Thanks.

wande-ful said...

Ive been there ! ;)

ferrarossa said...

Hello girl, I bought that clock in Jusco Tebrau Johor Baru. At a souvenir shop. The cost is maybe RM120 I don't remember but I am sure Penang has similar shops but maybe not the same clock. I <3 the sunburst shape!

mel: yes you set foot dah lam bilik bibik ni hehehe

Nadiah said...

Love your room cozy and girly

nutzy said...

I adore your room babe! Love the wall deco, clock, lighting... everything lah!

aLia said...

nais one!
i love the whitish thingy....

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