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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Runway Makeup: Inspired by Myer's Gold Rush Look

Inspired by the picture above, I created a runway look for my sister, Shazreeyana.

Thanks to my beautiful sister for being such a sport as a model!

We have been goofing around playing doll-up and so let the pictures do the talking:

What do you think of the runway look? You can definitely tone down the black eyeshadow for a more wearable look. I hope you're inspired to combine black and gold eyeshadow because it does give a Diva Glam impact! Gives me the Gold Rush!

My sister created the Twiggy (below) look on me. Stay tune for pictures of Twiggy black crease look on me :D

UPDATE: Oh, the twiggy look is up! Click HERE for more pics of this look by Shazreeyana on me :D


hevn said...

I love this look on yana, very sultry and sexy!!

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