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Saturday, May 21, 2011

FOTD: Cheryl Cole Really Black Smokey Eyes Look using MAC Paint Pot and Facial Giveaway Winner

Hello beautinistas!

Sorry for the lack of posting. I have been all around lately travelling for work and selling drugs (that's what I do. I work in the pharmaceutical industry haha) so life has been quite occupied. Also in the personal department, I have just got myself out of a relationship so I figured some downtime was needed to reset my mind. Anyway, life has been more fulfilling than I remembered and I can't appreciate my friends and family more. I love hanging out with my sister on weekends and catching up with Assie, Nuzzy, Nawa and Atie on weekdays. I keep my social calendar busy, thus explaining the lack of post. But hey, now I'm back with loads to share :D 

Just the other day, I stumbled upon a WONDERFUL makeup artist who works with numerous models, actresses and stars. Her name is Lisa Elridge and she has superb skills, I tell you! She did the makeup for Cheryl Cole in the Elle cover below. After I've done this look, my brother-in-law recognized it as Kim Kardashian Smokey eyes look. He's good, huh? I guess black smokey eyes is more synonymous with Kim Kardashian.

So below is the look that Lisa did on Cheryl Cole for Elle Magazine

Isn't it so captivating? Dark "lived-in" smokey eyes, really defined cheekbones, countouring and pale lips with just liners on.

Here's the video (<-Click) that Lisa made to recreate this look. It is awesome to learn from the person who did this look first hand.

Here's Lisa sporting the look. She looks like Cheryl Cole already.

Have you ever tried creating smokey eyes that aren't dark enough? I have. No matter how much black eyeshadow I piled up, I still didn't get that deep dark black that I desired. Now, that problem is solved with MAC Paint Pot in Blackground!

MAC Paintpot in Blackground. Basically acts like a BLACK eyelid primer. My sister also has one in goldish color called Indianwood. You can see her post here 

This Paint Pot is so awesome because it provides a dark canvas on my eyelid, just like a Black background, as it name's suggest. You can put blue, purple, gold or any color on top of it as you wish and it will be intensified by the Black Paint Pot background. Finally, I can create the look that I've been dying to wear all this while.

Here's the result.

Please excuse my weird pose but this photo captures the essence and true color of this look. It is night time, so I have to look upwards so that I get direct light from the flourescent lamp. Haha

The colors look more intense in person, actually. My camera isn't doing this look any justice but the black pot really intensifies the smokey eyes.
BTW the nailpolish is Sepia from Elianto.
With Flash

Like? or Dislike?

As you can see I did some contouring on my cheekbones. Lisa and Cheryl both has more sunken cheekbones than I do, so I have to put a lil more on myself using the AMAZING Bourjois Bronzer that's a gift from my sis's bestie, Nasrina ( Thanks Nasbaby! )

You've probably heard raves about this award-winning Bronzer from Pixiwoo, Pixi2woo and other beauty gurus. It is true, it does smell like chocolate!

I am quite surprised at how highly pigmented this bronzer is. I put just a bit and it shows so intensely on my face. I like that it's matte and not orange-y. Just the right color for light-medium skin tone like mine (MAC foundation NC25). Like a dark compact powder.

All in all, I enjoyed creating this look so much and feels that the MAC paint pot in Blackground completes the Black Smokey Eyes and Bourjois Bronzer helps structure my face to get the contouring.

On a side note, I'd like to share my current favorite beauty products:

1) Pretty Au De Parfum by Elizabeth Arden (RM 160)

I've been dying to get my hands on this one and thanks to Shazreeyana and her lovely hubby who helped get this from Singapore, my dreams just came true!! Haha how I love to exaggerate. 

Anyway I don't think it's possible for me to describe the smell but here's what they say on Elizabeth Arden website:

"Pretty is a spirited floral fragrance of exceptional charm. The floral heart is surrounded by a mélange of fruits, wrapped in a well-rounded background of serene woods. At its core is a premiere ingredient, Petalia.

Top Notes – Italian Mandarin Orpur, Orange Blossom, Peach Nectar

Middle Notes – Star Jasmine, Petalia, Pink Iris, White Peony

Dry Down – Fluffy Musk, Jacaranda Wood, Creamy Amber"

LOVE it. When I have it on, I feel so feminine. The smell is truly pretty-ful with some floral, musky, woody and fruity all blended in one.

I love the floral cap. The packaging is super girly and cute.

2) Vitapro Fusion Leave In Hair Treatment by Giovanni(RM 35.90)

I recently chopped off the damaged ends of my hair and Giovanni's leave in treatment really helps my hair stay untangled and restores shine. I used it before stopped using it because I got distracted by other products but man, I hope to remember to stick with this one as it really helps reverse the damage I've done on my mane.

3) Eau Thermale Avene Spring Water (RM 39)
I remember that I first saw this product at Stage in year 2009 and it was not popular at all. I bought it because it was different from any other hydration products. Nowadays you can get it fom Watson, Guardian and independent pharmacies. I know some friends who really enjoy this product, too. They'd spray it on after a long day of work just for that fresh pick-me-up hydration. Really feels like a splash of cold water and so refreshing on your face.  I used to leave it in my car and when it gets hot I just spritz some on my face to cool me off. Normally, I'd use to prep the skin before makeup and after makeup to set the base. 

Other loots from today's day out: 

 4) My second red lippy from Stage
Wonderkiss Lipcreme in Racy 05 is indeed strong and sharp. Attention-demanding color for my adventuruous days. Thanks Tia and my sis for recommending this color to me. I'll post an FOTD of it when I spot it on.

 5) Babydoll lashes

I haven't tried them on yet but I am dying to get the lower lid lashes for dolly look for the longest time. Am I dare enough to spot them on? Hmmmmm..

Btw there's a great Lash and Brush Bar at Sunway Pyramid called Lashbar that's worth checking out. It is the Asian Avenue district and it sells decent makeup palatte, lashes and brushes for very reasonable prices. Go check it out when you're there next you might just end up with something you need. I always do.

Oh, one final thing, I'd like to annouce my giveaway winner. The free RM138 Facial goes to.... *drumroll*


Congrats Asfahani for winning the facial! I'll deliver the voucher to you soon. For the rest of you who entered, thanks so much for your support. I'll do another fun giveaway soon, k?

Alritey doo, it's time for bed. Catch up later and thanks for dropping by! 
Let me know what you think. Do you dig the smokey eye look? How do you usually do yours? Which Black Eyeshadow is your favorite? What's your latest favorite beauty purchase? Pick a question. I wanna know :DD


ItaAthirah said...

kami nak belajaq mekup..bila nak jumpa ni weh!

ferrarossa said...

bila ampa kat KL lagi!!! Call me up, Ita! For sure leh get around and teach you :D make up party would be fun!

Jessy said...

i luv luv luv the look~~~so pretty~~~~btw you have gorgeous marble eye~~~

btw im having a giveaway, if you are feeling lucky, come and sign up, ive got great prizes~~~


ferrarossa said...

Hi Jessy girl,

Thanks for dropping by and send me a lovely comment. Glad you love the look. Ohh giveaways are always fun! I want to enter now:D Btw i followed you now :D Awesome beauty blog!

efa fairuz said...

i pun selalu jugak ada masalah mcm tu.. make up tebal2 tp masuk gambaq jadi mcm tak make up langsung.. i dont know whether the eyeshadow color pigment yang tak cukup terang or my camera yang tak cukup sharp.. hehe..

but i like this look on you so much!

msfob said...

wow LOVE it girl! the grey eyes really accent your look! gorgeous <3

hevn said...

The eyes looks great! I love the look and thank you for the link, now I'm in love with Lisa, I can't stop watching her videos! LOL

Sweet & Sour said...

I think this is my new fav BLOG :) love it. Take a look at mines.. Holding a give away

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