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Friday, May 6, 2011

FOTD: Pink Lips Look using Pink Nouveau by M.A.C

Hello peeps!

Happy friday! I just got back from Cameron Highlands and I have to say it was the break I needed from my "busy" life and work. I went there with my colleagues and we did all the must-do activities like strawberry picking and tea plantation visit. Here are some pictures :

Here's where we stayed. It is called Bintang Falim, a bungalow with 5 rooms and the entrance looks like a horror movie setting, but after we reached the house, the view blew me away. Roses, hydrangeas and colorful flowers bloom all around and the fresh cool air was just so refreshing.

I absolutely love hydrangeas and their exotic skyblue color. They grow effortlessly in Cameron Highlands. 

We went to Boh Plantation to savor some warm scones with strawberry jam and butter. Mmmmmm. However, I have to admit, I am not a scone person. I'd prefer a warm brownie ala mode anytime of the day.

I bought these flowers for 10 ringgit. So friggin cheap and they brought me so much joy. I purposely chose the coral colored roses because I think this color is uncommon and contrast against the green ping pong chrysanthemum.

By the way, I enjoyed my time in the highlands sipping tea and breathing cool air. It makes me miss my old time in Davis during fall, which is a perfect temperature for me. Ahhh, such reminiscence. 

By the way, I am done rambling. Here's the FOTD to share with you.

I was looking for a pop lipstick color and lookie what I found! 

Pink Nouveau by M.A.C

I think this pink lipstick was made to create the Barbie look, but you can always tone it down by adding some foundation to "nudify" it. Haha I just created a word.

Above: Pink Nouveau by MAC RM65. If I have to describe it, I'd say it is almost a flourescent ,lighter version of hot pink with a hint of purplish undertones.

Forgive my crappy camera (again). Here's Pink Nouveau on me

With flash

Enjoy the "artistic" camera shot.

Like the color?

This color can be toned down with a bright lipgloss or toned down with some foundation, depending on your mood. It's not going to be my everyday lipstick but on the days when I am wearing monotones or need a pop factor, I'd surely spot this lippy on.

What's your favorite pink color? Please share with me : D


ShazreeyanaShukri said...

Adik i want that lippy!!!! looks AMAZING on u! ahhh.. and i love hydrangeas too.thanks for introducing it to me.hahaha.. adik, i know u found lizi's twin when u googled this lippy kan?ahahhaha adik looks like a ur CH trip loos fun, although Bintang Falim is a really funny name.i thought it's a kedai mamak that has motels on top of it..wakakakaak

masmuni said...

how much to you pay for a night at that bungalow? me and my friends are going to Cameron Highlands and that place looks nice :)

ferrarossa said...

RM500 akak, for 5 bedroooms. It is so big and it is near old smoke house

masmuni said...

nak contact information dia boleh? send to my e-mail *wink*

Thanks Farah akak yang hot!! XD

hevn said...

Wow! Pink nouveau was on my list of must get when I saw it on makeupgeek but seeing the real thing at the counters I chicken out. It really takes a brave person to wear this. The colour is beautiful but also very bright. Love it on you!

ferrarossa said...

Hi ashley!!! That's right the color is super bright pink and really pops out! It's meant for the days when you feel adventurous or when you're in black/dark clothes. i thought people would freak out with the pink but when I have it on, no one really noticed the brightness of the color so I'd surely wear it again. Thanks for writing here yana talks about you alot haha :DD

hevn said...

Adventurous huh? Lol, I'm the least adventurous person around hence my lipsticks are all the same shades. Ahaha.. but I do appreciate and love seeing people in colours like this.

The more I see it, the more in love i am with the colour. It really is just so pretty on you. Hope to see you using this colour in your other fOTDs.

Haha, Yana is a fantastic person, I'm envious of the both of you <3

jooleata said...

Dear ferrarosa,

will you share the contacts? I am looking out a bungalow for my big family reunion.

drop an email at

many thanks

jooleata said...

Dear ferrarosa,

will you share the contacts? I am looking out a bungalow for my big family reunion.

drop an email at

many thanks

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

A friend of mine is looking for bungalow for rent next month, and he is interested with Bintang Falim Bungalow. Does anyone has the contact for this contact? Or do you have any good and nice bungalow to recommend?

I will be grateful for any help you can provide.

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Jacky Ng said...

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