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Monday, June 27, 2011

What I have been up to lately... (picture heavy)

Hello beauties! I am so sorry for the long hiatus. I have been doing lotsa new things lately and since I am short of writing juice, I'm gonna let the pictures do the talking. These are the things I have been up to:

1. Hanging out with Sister and Nas (nothing new here. Lotsa yakking and eating as usual)

 2. Trying out new lashes and purple eyeshadow

3. Doing makeup for my dear friends
Syuhada trusted me as her MUA. Thanks dear! Although I only had 40 minutes instead of 2 hours, I am glad you're happy with the result. Sorry ye if terkurang apa2. Your family is so adorable and ramah made me feel so happy to be around that day.

My colleague who is also my lepak buddy is married! I can't believe it! Am I the only one left?Haha. Anyway, jokes aside, I am overwhelmed and happy for Nawa. Thanks for choosing me, dear. 

5. Giving a Makeover to My dear Kak Mas and had a reunion with university (UCD) peeps

We celebrated at Las Carretas Subang and they let the birthday girl wear a Mariachi hat and sang a Mexican version of Happy Birthday

The Restaurant also gave a free polaroid to the birthday girl. How sweet!

I Miss you guys and so happy to reunite and catch up with each and everyone of you.

6. Attended an awesome makeup Class held by Sifu Anna Ismail (for her blog click---> HERE)
The class covered all makeup-related kowledge from light to bridal makeup and Kak Anna is so generous to spill the beans regarding her favorite products and secret tips about flawless makeup. I absolutely adore her style and the class was worth every penny!

Please ignore my unruly brows and let's look at the pretty shadows on my eyelids. Love it!

Check out the color combo. I love the muted turqoise and purple color Kak Anna chose for me. How creative is it to put two unlikely colors together?

TA-DA!!!!! Done!

Here's Kakak with her done makeup look.

With the other peeps attending the workshop. It was such a pleasure to meet Syasya and Liana.
p/s: Sya, I update ni sebab you tauuu! Tak sangkanye ada org baca blog I! *terharu*. Thanks so much and I really hope we'll meet again!

I am going to end this post abruptly because I need to do some reports for work. I'll add more later. Come back and check it. What have YOU been up to lately? Share, share. I am keen to know.

Kisses, FM


hevn said...

You girls look gorgeous!

miss syukur said...

are u kidding? akak baca blog farra ni tau :) suka tgk korang adik beradik bermekap...

efa fairuz said...

kan.. i pun baca ape.. tengok mekap cantik2 with all the high end products which i don't have one for myself just yet..

suka la tgk gambar eyeshadow purple yg baju kuning tu.. so comel!

ferrarossa said...

ashley: thanks babe!!!!!! *hugs*

akak: omg akak sorry!!! fara sgt appreciate each and every one of my readers. thanks so much for dropping by and supporting. hrtu xdak inspirasi lagi nak update..but comment2 ni buat i semangat balik :D

efa: thanks efa... i makin ada juice nk tulis new post:D tidakla high end pun brg2 yg i guna...plg mahal MAC..kalau chanel tu xsampai lg..anyway tq efa sbb komen..i suka mekap mata purple. its my 2nd fav after brown :D

Lisa said...

Wow. Love your eye shadow colours

Lin Elier said...

Hi there, was certificate given after the workshop? I pon so tringin to join Anna's class.