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Friday, March 18, 2011

Recreating Pixiwoo's Aqua Doll Eyes For Spring Makeup

I've been meaning to recreate this doll look by Pixiwoo for a while now. I wanted to take advantage of my bangs and at the same time take some years off my face to look younger too. Haha.  Anyway, I often shy away from bright eyeshadow colors but I am so inspired by Pixiwoo as she makes this doll-look so tempting, I figured it must be worth a try. The above pictures are taken from the site I heart Sam and Nic so much and admire their knowledge in makeup. Me and my sister, Shazreeyana often dream about being the Pixiwoo sisters of Malaysia. Pinch us now!

Anyway, the tutorial used a lot of branded items like MAC, Chanel and Makeupforever so I just came up with this look with a mixture of inexpensive makeup items I have.

Products used:
Face: Mix of Stage Photo Pro Foundation in Take 1 and Take 8

Now I have to say that this foundation provides less coverage than most so it is great for the natural look or everyday use because it is not so rich in pigments.

Stage Concealer in Sand
Powder is MAC Studio Fix in NC25

Cheeks: Elianto Rosey Cheeks in Sweet Rose
and for cheekbones I used
Stage Eyeshadow Mono in Cupcake

Lips: Maybelline Watershine in Pink Fairy
Glossed with 
Liplicious in Watermelon Sorbet

Eyes:  Any bright Turqoise eyeshadow of your choice. Mine is from a palette I got from Sungai Wang.
Maybelline The Magnum Mascara ( Pixiwoo mentioned that this look needs a clumpy mascara so I decided this brand is a good one to give full coverage)
For the waterline, I used Stage Picture Perfect Pencil Camouflage in Tiramise

Brows: Stage Brow Defining Pencil in Sesame

Can you see the concealer at my waterline? It helps open up my eyes.

It is so simple actually. Base the face real well, eyeshadow, mascara, blush and lips - You're good to go!

I think the Mascara isn't clumpy enough despite putting 3 coats on. 

Picture with Flash for your reference

Hope you like this post. I'm gonna do a makeover on my housemate soon. Toodles.


hevn said...

The pixiwoo Aqua doll eyes were indeed very inspiring and you did a great job! I can't get over how long both you and Yana's eyeleashes are, I'm so jealous!

How's the Elianto's blusher? Any good?

ferrarossa said...

hi ashley!!! thanks so much, I love the look but only wear it out once. I need to be more bold to wear these colors out.

Haha about the eyelash, yana always says I have longer eyelash but I think we have the same length and I always put TONS of mascara to accentuate them so that helps.

BTW i am jealous of your cheekbones and jawline. To die for and so defined! Can borrow me? Haha

The elianto blusher is of OK quality, not bad for a cheap one and the color is baby pink, stays on for half the day and I use it all the time.