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Monday, March 14, 2011

Stage Haul and FOTD Coral Lipstick Look

Aloha mahalo! Today after work I went to Tropicana City Mall top check out a certain magazine but I was sidetracked into Stage, my favorite makeup store besides MAC and SaSa.

I was going crazy in there because they are having CLEARANCE SALE of all Lipsticks, Lipgloss, Lipliner, Brow Colors, Eye Kohls etc for RM 12 only! Also their other items are buy 1 get 1 free! This is lunatic because I never seen their prices drop that low. If you want good quality makeup that doesn't break the bank, I recommend that you visit your nearest outlet like ASAP :)

By the way, since I am starting a freelance Makeup Service (click HERE to find out more) with my sister, I need to diversify my color palette and I have hauled 14 items all together. I feel like it was worth every penny. To me, Stage is between MAC and drugstore brands. It has nice expensive-looking packaging that I adore and the pigments are definitely good quality. My favorite item is their primer, Opening Act (which is not in this haul. Always out of stock!)

Below are my loots of the day

Stage Photo Pro Foundation ( Take 1 (Light) and Take 8 (Dark))

Stage Picture Perfect Liquid Camouflage ( Pixie Fairy (Light) and Genie Temptress (Dark))<-- I was told that the light concealer can be used as highlight, too.

Stage Wondergloss Lipgloss ( Electra and Narcissus)

Stage Brow Defining Pencil (Cinnamon)

Stage Eyeshadow Mono (Cupcake)

Stage Lipliner (Nearly Naked and Pretty Peony)

Stage Picture Perfect Pencil Camouflage ( Tiramisu) <--to lighten dark brows and line lips too

Stage Wonderluxe Lipstick Matte ( Passion Punch, Candy Coy, Candid Coral)

Swatches from top to bottom:
1) Lipstick Candy Coy
2)Lipstick  Passion Punch
3) Lipstick Candid Coral (Love this one! They say Coral is the new Pink)
4) Lipgloss Narcissus
5) Lipgloss Electra 

Without further ado, I was so ready to try the items for the FOTD below:

For foundation, I used Stage Photo Pro Foundation and I have to say, the coverage isn't as thick as MAC Studio Fix so it is suitable for daily use. I find it to be lightly tinted and gives off a nice dewy effect after the makeup settles.

I used MAC StudioFix Powder and MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Dark for shading around my cheek and jawline. For Blush, I used Stage in Freesia and Snapdragon.

The Stage Eyeshadow in Cupcake was used on my inner corner of the eyes, browbone and also just slightly on the apple of the cheeks to create high cheekbones. I like that the pigments are fine enough and also will last long with the help of eyelid primer from Elf (Thanks kakak for the gift!)
For the eyelid, I used RedEarth eyeshadow in Winter Rose (My favorite currently) and on the crease is dark brown shadow. Lined the eyes with Maybelline Eyestudio Black Gel Eyeliner and Mascara was first coated with Maybelline Volum' Express for length and definition and Maybelline Magnum for Volume.
Finally, I lined my lips with Stage Lipliner in Pretty Peony and smothered Stage Lipstick in Candid Coral. To mute the tone just a little, I added Mac Lipgloss in Viva Glam V ( featured in my previous post, a nude gloss to have a warmer finish)
Overall, I think coral is a really nice color. I often see it featured in the red carpet these days, I especially love this one by Katy Perry:

Have you tried coral yet?? I hope you enjoyed this post :DD


Cynthia Z said...

Nice haul! U look lovely in that lippie


ferrarossa said...

Thanks Cynthia!! I like the coral too, just need to get used to it as I often opt for nude pink colors. *hugs*<3

Doctor on Duty- Siti Soleha said...

I heart coral too..i used coral from elianto..lawa.
u ni adik yana kan?..member sekolah kak u.satu kelas masa matrix.hehe :)

ferrarossa said...

Hi dr Siti Soleha! Ya, sayalah adik yana.satu matrix penang dulu ka? wow what a small world kan.. elianto is a nice brand..belum try lipstick dia lagi.. thanks for the info. i'll check em out :D

efa fairuz said...

cantik sangat.. btw, i love coral too.. my skin ni jenis warm, so takkan boleh pakai pink yang ada blue tint tu.. you know kan.. so kalau cari pink lipstick pun mesti cari pink yang warm.. so coral is the best pink for me.. hehe

eh btw, how old are you? i'm 28 this year.. ;D

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