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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Take Care of Your Eyes Today: Never Sleep with Contact Lense and Check Out Hydrogen Peroxide Solution

CCHi all!

I am so compelled to write this one because I just had a wonderful day out with my girls and two of my friends told me that they have red eyes because they slept with their contacts on. First of all, NEVER EVER sleep with your contacts on!! Your eyes need the oxygen to breath and depriving them of O2 can cause the veins to turn so red (I don't feel pretty with bloodshot eyes) and overtime, you will not have healthy-looking pearly white eyes anymore because the veins will start growing into your cornea to supply the oxygen to it. This condition is permanent and irreversible so please, don't wear your contacts to sleep if you want to avoid having ugly red veins creeping into your cornea permanently.

Secondly, never mix many pairs of lenses in a case. This was my mistake. Two months ago I suffered from conjunctivitis and also an allergy reaction due to poor care of my eyes. I mixed two lenses in a case because I have so many pairs and I was lazy to keep them separately and there were cross contamination that gave me a sty, conjunctivitis and also an allergy reaction to soft lenses. At one point, blood was oozing out from my tear duct! The doc told me I may have to give up on soft lenses, which sounded like the end of the world to me ( I am vain like that haha). The sty was annoying too because it left me with a bump (oil cyst) near my tear duct that took a month to go away. If it doesn't, it has to be surgically remove.

I was taking my eye for granted as I cincai cincai wash the lense and use expired lenses too. It was a costly mistake as I had to pay for RM600 in total for consulting an opthamologist. Learn from my mistakes, babes. Don't let your money go to waste (even if you can claim your medicals. Why go through all that suffering?).

Our eyes are the most tantalizing senses on our body. Being mute and deaf does not equal to being blind. Losing my sight will definitely take away my experience of life. I can't imagine not having my eyes. Plus, what other part of the body tells so much about a person? The eyes ARE the windows to the soul, cheesy I know, so let's practice good eye care from today onwards.

Anyway a friend was curious about my lense solution. Here I will share with you that I use AOsept

AOsept uses hydrogen peroxide (an antibacterial agent) that will sanitize your lenses. You'll get maximum comfort from it because it destroys all the bacteria and protein stuck on your lesnes. The metal at the bottom of the case will neutralize the hydrogen peroxide, turning it into water and oxygen. The bubbles formed will remove the proteins on lenses, which are the main cause of irritation and allergy. You have to wait 6 hours for the lense to neutralize. The price is around RM21.

If 6 hours is too long, there is Ever Clean which can get the job done in 2 hours (I am using this now). It uses a tablet that neutralizes the peroxide and the price is around RM30.

Oh, hydrogen peroxide can cause discoloration on colored lenses so please bear that in mind. Regardless, I still use it with my colored contacts and I can't really notice a big difference so I am sticking with this technology as it provides the BEST comfort to my eyes. If you have sensitive eyes, you can rinse the lense with Sensitive solution like Avizor's Unica on top of sanitizing with the hydrogen peroxide system (AoSept or EverClean)

I use this to rinse my lense before placing it onto my eyes.

If you feel lenses were uncomfortable after a week or so, chances are, you have protein build-up on your lenses. In this case, use a protein removal tablet to e soaked together with the lenses. I have to say I have never known eye comfort until I discover the peroxide solution (AoSept or EverClean). However, don't treat it like a normal solution as it will BURN your eyes if you did not neutralize it. I once dropped the solution in my eyes and it sent me screaming like no other. It feels like acid burn in my cornea and left me with red and dry eyes for 3 days. It got better after that so it was only temporary. Also, if you go to your friends' and wanted to rinse your lense, check the bottle first. If it has red ring on the top cap, it probably is peroxide-based which means don't rinse your lense with it. Only use the special case associated with it as it has the metal to neutralize the peroxide.

Okay, I sound like I work in the optical store now Haha. I feel strongly about eye care so I am writing this to share with you that taking off your lense tonight may save you from getting a conjuctivitis, sty, allergic reaction or even blindness. Love our eyes peeps. We only have a pair. Plus, pearly white eyes are healthy and beautiful.