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Monday, April 25, 2011

Review of the Latest Beauty Buys and Jonker Street Shopping

Helo beauty-nistas!

I am in the mood for writing (yay!). Today I will do some reviews on the beauty purchases that I made lately.  I like to try new products in the market and usually don't stick to one thing unless they are really really good. Lately I've been trying these items below and here's what I think. I hope it'll be useful for you beauty experimenters out there (I am one,too).

1) Cyber Colors Purifying Cleansing Oil
Okay I call this one the "generic" for Shu Eumura's Purifying Oil. Cyber Colors Purifying Oil is cheaper (RM 109 for 450ml versus Shu Eumura's RM 280 for 450ml) and works the same way: on dry face, the oil dilutes makeup and mascara and when mixed with water,it will emulsify into a smooth bubbly cleanser (magic, eh?) leaving your skin clean and unclogged.

 Why do I like it? 
* it cleans and remove makeup at the same time
 (takes off all makeup and 70% of the mascara so that removing eye-makeup is much easier and faster)
* it doesn't leave the face dry like other cleanser because it is rich with moisture
* it has a fresh citrus scent that I like

What I don't like so much?
* the bottle is huge and may not be suitable for traveling
* the oil is less thick and rich compared to Shu Eumura's

Nonetheless, if you're looking for another budget option for Purifying Oil, I say give this CyberColor a try because it really gets the job done!

2) Clinique Clarifying Lotion (RM83)

I use this toner on and off (again, because I like to try new things) but I find that I keep coming back to it because I believe that it helps clean my pores to minimize their size (I have visible pores).

What I like?
* toner helps control my oil production and leaves makeup nicely set if applied before foundation.
* it gets the dirt and gunk out even after you wash (dirt on cotton every time) for thorough cleaning
*it minimizes pores
*it has a cooling effect after use

What I don't like?
*the price (haha). I mean it is quite expensive for a toner
* it may cause dryness and sensitivity if overused
* I MUST use moisturizer right after use, which is different from...

3) HA Neogence Hyaluronic Acid Lotion

For RM 36, this toner does what it is meant to, to help even out the skin and hydrate it at the same time.
What I like?
* It is moist and hydrating for a toner
* It helps remove dirt that is left after cleaning
* It is gentle for my skin

What I dont like?
* I expect it to help minimize pores, but I don't think it did that. Haha what is it with me obsessed with small pores. Who doesn't want flawless skin, aite?

4) Shu Eumura Eyelash Curler 

This award-winning curler needs no intro. It is specially designed for Asian eyes because it doesn't curve as much as other's curlers to accommodate for flatter Asian face/eyes. RM 65 is alot of money for a curler, but since many makeup artists swear by it, I figured I'd join the masses.

What I like?
* it curls ALL my lashes evenly and there's no L-shaped lashes (which may result from excess pressure during curling)
* my outer lashes doesn't stick out funny the way they used too anymore!
*the spare rubber they gave me will make this curler lasts twice as long

What I don't like?
*besides the price, I really have no complain about this beauty tool

All true beauty addict shall own this curler. It is like the holy grail of beauty tools, along with your Kabuki brush and GHD hair straightener.

Anyway I hope you find this review helpful. I just came back from Malacca for a make-up job for a dear friend who got engaged and Jonker Walk was SO MUCH FUN. I think I was so excited I went a little crazy there. They sell unique trinkets everywhere, from keychains made of wires, jewelleries made from clay and glasses, the ever famous Cendol and also scrumptious pineapple tarts. Here's what I bought:

I got this Cat-shaped earrings holder for RM20. The uncle priced it at RM30. Always bargain at Jonker's

My earrings collection. I don't use them enough. Now they are displayed I think I'll use them more. Bought some of the earrings at RM10 for three pairs. Crazy cheap!

My favorite one is the ice-cream one. 3 for RM 10, y'all. Can't get any better. My sister also bought the same one.

Cute headbands from the Jonker. I really went bonkers! 

This flower-screwy thing is super genius! it can keep my hair up with no effort. Just screw it on your head (That's what she said).

Like this

A lil flower peeking from me bun

These are the pineapple tarts you MUST get at Jonker's. It is super crumbly and the jam isn't too sweet so it makes for a perfect kuih for me.

Okiedokie that's all for now. What is your latest beauty buy?  


ShazreeyanaShukri said...

omg i really love ur haul! i need to do mine too but i dont know where to start..LOL...i miss u sissy..ahahah sisssssyyy u!

OneDropH20 said... much focus on make-up stuff..that's why lah I dah lama tak singgah ni..haha.

anyway, my latest beauty buy was a pair of thongs, of my favourite underwear brand--CK.

tu considered beauty buy ke?

if only it was real~~~~huh huh...

Syeera said...

Omg what an amazing haul! I want that flower screw thingy!!! Kt sini ada jual x?

felizsiew said...

hey, i'm jz a random visitor browsing around about the purifying cleansing oil by cyber colors.
i jz bought it yesterday, dint really get to used it yet as there is still remaining for my shuemura, do u find out any 'side effects' about it at the moment?
hope u can share more about this product! THANKS!!!

ferrarossa said...

kakak: I can't wait to see your haul! get on it babeyh!

h20: haha so sorry that my blog has turne 100% girly. I am sure a metro like you can also benefit from it right? Digging the CK underwear tho

syeera: the flower screwy thingy is so cool,right? I am going to Melaka again. Do you want one? I can get it for you girly. BTW jonker is filled with flowery stuff I think you'll go crazy there!

Felizsiew: hello, there! I actually love the cyber colors cleansing oil. So far no weird side effects (yet. I'll let you know if I do) and it works the same way as shu's just that less thick and less rich.Try it for a week to see if it suits your skin. I think it is good for dry skin. If oily skin uses this, it may encourage oil buildup that may cause acne/bumps. Tell me of your experience with this product k:D

Syeera said...

Omg plz buy one for me!!!!!! Sgt nk! :)
N i think i'll buy Shu's curler tu. So many good reviews on it!

ferrarossa said...

ok garl i'll buy you one when im there next okay?

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