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Sunday, April 24, 2011

FOTN: Out of the Blue Eyeshadow

HIP High Intesity Pigment in Beckoning 

I have to admit that when it comes to eyeshadow colors, I do tend to stick with the neutrals: brown, beige, cream or pastels like pink or purple. Rarely would I go out wearing shocking blue. I just think that I'd look scary with bold colors on. I have this Loreal Hip High Intensity Pigments in Blue (above) that I bought from Rite-Aid for years in my makeup bag and I never used it so I decided that out of the blue, I'd sport blue on my lids for my night out. Surprisingly, the look was not "too much" like I expected and very wearable. I got compliments on this eyeshadow that night and I think it creates interest on my face. I kept the lips nude so it wont compete with the intense Blue on my eyes. 

Here are the picture of my attempts:

Picture with flash. Do you notice that I was wearing a semi lash on the outer corner of my eyes. Really cheap lashes from The Street at Curve for RM20 per 10 pairs. 

Sorry I just realized how little I smiled in these pics. Don't mind my pout, what do you think of the blue eyeshadows? Will you wear blue out or is it too OTT for you? Please share with me! 

Lotsa Love,
<3 <3 


wande-ful said...

I dont dare to put that color on my eyes. Just feel i cannot carry the look. huhu

the color suits you very much.
and your eyes are mesmerizing !

Erin said...

Gorgeous sayangggg! :D Love it, love youuu.

ferrarossa said...

wande-ful : aw, aren't you so sweet. Thanks wanda! I always like to play up the eyes. I also thought that blue may not be my color but I surprised myself , you know. Maybe you can try blue as liners instead if you're scared. You'll never know until it's on :D

Erin : thanks girly!! Love youuuuuuu too!

ShazreeyanaShukri said...

i love the pigment!u look so gorgeous with blue eyeshadow! nak try tapi nak pi mana ut!great job dodik!

nur izzaty said...

i love look sexyyyy darlinggg auwwww great job dear

efa fairuz said...

i think u look gorgeous with that blue eyeshadow.. i can never pull that bright blue, i dont know why..

btw, love this blog! ;D

ferrarossa said...

kakak: p makan teppanyaki pun ok my sister!

atie: thanks girl, inilah malam yg bersejarah tu..uhuhu

efa: hi efa! thanks so so much for the thoughtful compliments! I think you can rock blue too, as you have very nice, fair complexion. :DDD <3<3

efa fairuz said...

hihi.. my complexion is not that fair.. mine is like sawo matang.. hehe.. i just cant pull the blue.. but that bright blue tak pernah try lagi hehe..

eh btw, i've linked your blog to mine tau.. seronok! :D