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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Limited Edition MAC All Over Colorful Brushes and Diva accessories on Sale

Greetings! Ramadhan Mubarak to y'all! I can't believe that we're halfway through the month and soon I will be back home in Kedah, baking kuih arab and cornflakes and getting the house all lip-lap for the celebration. Can't wait! Shopping for Raya clothes is very moderate this year and I am being unconventional by choosing a long dress as my Raya outfit from Alamy Eshop (click HERE it's awesome!). I chose an elegant Black Abaya because it is so comfortable, stretchy and hugs the perfect parts of a woman's body. Thanks Malla for letting me get one!

Anyway, today I thought I'd share about the NEW MAC Brushes I just got. I am really excited about them the moment I saw them colorful furs and for the price I figured it is quite a good deal. RM 250 for 5 brushes! You know how much MAC brushes cost if you buy in singletons (RM 100 and above!) so I know these are a steal.

The whole collection includes five brushes

The Power Rangers

From left to right

1) Angled Brush in Teal (266SE) for brows or gel liner
2) Blush Brush in Purple (129SE) for blusher or bronzer
3) Blending Brush in Red (224SE) for eyeshadow blending
4) Crease Brush in Yellow (219SE) for eyeshadow application
5) Shading brush in Blue (227SE) for accentuating Nose bridge

For review purposes, I think almost all the brushes deliver to my expectations, with the exception of the Purple Blush Brush because the hair kept shedding so I have to be extra gentle. But besides that, the rest are awesome! My favorite has  to be Yellow Crease Brush because of its exceptional ability to pick up eyeshadow pigments. I don't know what the magic is but the hairs really help intensify the eyeshadow colors especially if you use a good primer. I am now attached to this yellow brush I can't live without it.

My second favorite would be the Teal Angled Brush because of its versatility. Can be used to fill in brows, smudge eye colors and also to apply gel eyeliner so very precisely. The small sized brushes are great for travelling. BTW the colors may fade after cleaning so I'll wash it using mild baby shampoo or brush cleaner.

Diva is having some sale so I got myself these gold accessories:

LOVE pendant necklace shaped as the keychain in Sex and the city and a long chain with eyedrop crystal pendant.

Ok girls, I hope you enjoy this post. Tell me your favorite brush and where you get it from, I'd love to know. Selamat Hari Raya!!!! Eid Mubarak



monn cherie said...

Ramadan Mubarak sister =) these brushes look like a great steal! you should try sigma's dome brush, very dense and compacts a lot of product on it.

LaLaLovy said...

the brush was awesome. i followed u,.