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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Inspired Look

The celebration of love is just around the corner. I'd like to share with you this romantic yet natural look perfect for a Valentine's date.

The color pink is a must, as it is soft and girly. Let's not overwhelm our partner with too much makeup this V-day. Go easy with  the eyeshadow and foundation.

After all, men are most attracted to the natural look :D

The Valentine-Inspired look uses different shades of pink for eyes, cheeks and lips.

Products used: Stage Opening Act Primer,
Revlon Colorstay in Warm Golden

Mac Powder in NC25

Cosway Pesona eyeshadow palette in Pink, Dark Brown and White Shimmer

Volume Express by Maybelline in Black

Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Black, laced with Dark Brown eyeshadow on top to soften the look

For lips, I used Diamond Shine Lipgloss in PK102 from Face Shop

And for cheeks, HD blusher by Tears in Pink. The blush and lipgloss are limited edition from Korea. Check out 
if you want to get a hold of them.  My sister brought back two of each.


For the eyes: Apply White eyeshadow near your tear duct and under the brow
Pink eyeshadow for the lid
Dark Brown eyeshadow for the crease
Don't forget to blend these colors using a blending brush.

I keep the brow really natural by filling in with Dark Brown eyeshadow using an angle brush. After applying the black eyeliner, I layer the Dark Brown eyeshadow on top of it to soften the look. Pencil eyeliner can look harsh by itself.

Finish the look off with some mascara, blush and a simple pink gloss.
The final result is sort of a romantic look. Happy Valentine's Day!

Special thanks to my sister for lending me her pink top and taking my pictures. We're actually going off to a wedding soon. Gosh, Love is really all around us!


suara said...

sis farra, i realllyy really LOVE ur choices of colors, especially yg eyeshadow tu :D Cantik sgt n nampak lovely, sesuai ngan akak... Cantik cantik cantik <3

tintin :D

ferrarossa said...

Thanks yang! itin omel.. akak xde plan pun vday ni.. tin? tq tau suka mekap akak..and support akak slama ni..muacxxxx

Anonymous said...

dearie,i nk far what's the best bb cream in market?

glitteryeyesxx said...

What a beautiful and romantic look! I hope your V-Day was enjoyable :)

ferrarossa said...

thanks glittereyessx! It was a great day w lovely friends around me. Hope you had a great one!

Anonymous, Sorry I don't use any BB cream please check as she had some review on BB cream.

sncport said...

you guys don't look like sisters. but that don't matter cuz both of you are gorgeous! You guys got the eyes that I would love to have, cat eyes :)