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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Smoldering Smokey Brown Eyes Editorial Look

Ola!!! I'd like to share my makeup look for the day. I am inspired by the advertisement below and it reminds me of Charlize Theron smoldering eyes. It's so alluring and sexy. Yes, it is quite editorial and I simply love this sophisticated make up look!

Above: the rich dark brown and bronze on the eyes created a "deep eye socket" effect and coral lipstick completes the dreamy look.
My version is as below
I tried to simulate the look with the tools I have. The best thing is we don't need expensive items to create this look.

Primer Opening Act by Stage
Revlon Colorstay in Warm Golden
Miyami in Medium

Stage blusher in Snapdragon
For shading near nose bridge and cheek I used a taupe color (right)

I used a mix of different colors. 
Clinique (upper left) in Strike it Rich for the Lid
White glitter (upper right) for tearduct (Brand is Orma). Thanks kakak for this eyeshadow!
For the crease, I mixed Red Earth Cleopatra and dark brown eyeshadow from the palette to achieve the deep dark brown color. 
For the brow bone, I used a matte white eyeshadow to heighten my brow line.

Here's how it looks. Blending was crucial.
As usual, the upper lid was lined with Revlon Colorstay in Black and to soften the line, I applied dark brown eyeshadow on top of the eyeliner. 
Mascara used is Volum Express by Maybelline

For lips, I used Loreal  in Coral Glimmer and layered Loreal Hips Lipgloss in Pixie. Oh by the way, the coral was kind of rich and to create a lighter shade, I mixed a little foundation on my lip to create the nude-coral color.

The final look. I hope it has the "smoldering eye" feel. 

Picture with Flash for your reference.

I would love to tag these people below for their favorite Editorial look. Pick an advertisement and recreate the look with your makeup stash. Have fun!

1) Shazreeyana Shukri
2) Sncport
3) Dartdada
4) Shie
5) Mas Muniroh

Okiedokie. That's all for now pretty babes. I hope you like it <3333333


ShazreeyanaShukri said...

woww! this is an editorial what pixiwoo would do.. congrats adik u nailed this look! xoxoxo

dartdadada said...

ok will post it soon!haha comey lote aih farah!!

ferrarossa said...

wow cepatnya ampa komen! yes dart im looking forward to your post hotmamahh and akak tq!! pixiwoo is my ultimate idol!!!!!!

wande-ful said...

u have beautiful eyes ;)

btw, could you please share the type of brushes that you use for your looks?

I find it hard (very) to put the eyeshadow below the eyes (i wonder if this is the right words) without looking like a panda gone mad.

love your FOTDs ;)

ferrarossa said...

hello wande-ful! thanks girl!! Truly appreciate it :)

For the bottom eyelid, I used MAC 266 angle brush. Any brand of angle brush should work actually. Just make sure the line is fine and I dust the residue off with a blending brush.

I make sure that the dark brown eyeshadow is applied at the outer corner only to avoid the "panda" look. Apply the lighter color in the inner corner of bottom eyelid.

I hope this helps. Thanks for your kind support. HUGSS<3