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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Things about me worth knowing

1) I love dancing and arts

2) I worked at a Language Lab for 4 years

3) I can be a dork if I want to

4) I love flowers. I took a class called Flower Power and worked in a greenhouse.


OneDropH20 said...

the best thing about this post...

you guess?...

me showing up in your pictures! grand la our performance that year. unbelievable.

ShazreeyanaShukri said... cute! we used to participate in the dance recital every freakin year! tak malu punya muka nak glamour ja..ahahahah..aku muka pemalu sikit dari dulu.hihihi..comel tarian yg adik nari Hawaii tu pakai tali rafia jd skirt n coconut shells jadi bra..LOL!

ferrarossa said...

haha h20, sorry your pic is so small! Btw love performing with all of you. The sweet times are during practice.

kakak, mmg dulu aku muka talentime hahaha hang lagi la pakai misai tarian flamenco!