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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bling Bling Champagne Shoes

I have to break the silence on this blog! I just came back from Penang and Kuching and going home to Kedah soon to be with my dear daddy. Life has been keeping me occupied. By the way, I am adoring my new purchase from Vincci. There are so many weddings this month I can't wait to spot these blingies on! Ok darlings good night sleep tight and don't forget to wash your feet!XOXO


OneDropH20 said...

too bad I don't like bling bling on my shoes.

I may try to get a bangle during my India trip.

ferrarossa said...

Pls get me some bangles tooooo!

Jannah said...

I was tempted to buy the same pair of heels last week but I didn't coz they were to heavy. Having fun yet with those bling bling?